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A Compliance & Quality Management System that Adapts to Any Industry


EtQ provides enterprise solutions to help companies maintain visibility and control over their critical compliance processes, ensuring quality, safety and operational excellence.

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Medical Device

In the rapidly evolving Medical Device industry, EtQ’s solutions help to achieve regulatory compliance, minimize risk in operations and delivery, and maintain a validated solution to meet the needs of all standards and regulations.

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From product R&D to clinical to production and delivery, the Pharmaceutical industry requires strict guidelines on drug compliance. EtQ’s solution provide a regulated, validated and compliant solution to meet the needs of compliance for Pharmaceutical organizations.

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Food & Beverage

With increasing oversight on the Food and Beverage industry, organizations are looking for solutions to gain visibility and control over their processes, to comply with GFSI, FSMA and other regulations. EtQ’s solution helps to minimize risk and increase efficiencies for compliance.

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Aviation & Transportation

The Aviation and Transportation industry is faced with ensuring the safety and well-being of customers, and meeting the stringent needs of risk-based compliance.

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As businesses grow and evolve, maintaining compliance is key to success. EtQ is an Enterprise solution that fosters the ability to identify, mitigate and prevent high-risk events through automation, integration and collaboration:

  • Improve visibility into Compliance
  • Increase productivity and streamline processes
  • Reduce time to resolve adverse events
  • Harmonize operations around compliance

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