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Improve Supplier Quality & Performance With ETQ Reliance

Supplier Quality Management

Improve supplier quality management to deliver positive business impact and enhanced customer loyalty

ETQ Reliance Quality Management System (QMS) helps you to improve supplier quality by tracking suppliers and materials, building qualitative and quantitative supplier ratings, including suppliers in corrective action processes, and reducing costs related to supplier issues.

We empower quality champions by providing a comprehensive view of supplier quality via a single data repository and two-way communication that allow easy management of suppliers.  Mitigate risk and improve product quality with a rationalized, optimized and, ultimately, stronger supply chain

  • Understand the performance of each supplier and how they will perform in the future
  • Quantify the cost of quality, i.e., warranty, rework, scrap
  • Have a single source of truth with all the details to make decisions regarding suppliers
  • Proactively manage the supply chain
ETQ allows us to integrate our business processes both internally and with our suppliers to improve collaboration, break through functional silos and deliver a competitive advantage.
Benjamin Bollenbacher, Director, Supply Chain Digital Capabilities, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
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Supply Chain Optimization

ETQ supplier quality management solution benefits

  • Mitigate risk by onboarding highly qualified suppliers and holding them accountable to requirements and specs
  • Recover costs from suppliers
  • Rationalize and optimize supplier base – develop a more resilient supply chain with data and insights
  • Reduce scrap, waste, rework, warranties and recalls to reduce the cost of poor quality
  • Foster better supplier relationships by giving them an active role in your quality processes

With ETQ Reliance, customers have shown measurable improvement in supplier quality

Trane achieves remarkable efficiency gains

Supplier Quality Trane ETQ QMS

Trane reduced scrap and rework by 32%, reduced overall warranty costs by 70%, and implemented a return material process that has recovered millions of dollars.

ETQ Reliance revolutionizes Wabtec’s supplier integration: slashing costs by 35% through streamlined PPAP processes and enhanced quality control”

Supplier Quality Wabtec ETQ QMS

ETQ Reliance powers Wabtec’s production part approval process (PPAP) supplier integration process which provides tight controls over parts ordering and shipping from thousands of suppliers. The company reduced total cost of quality by approximately 35% and saved millions of dollars by minimizing rework,  scrap and return to vendor decisions.

Supplier Quality Trane ETQ QMS
Supplier Quality Wabtec ETQ QMS

ETQ Reliance supplier management solutions capabilities

Supplier ratings

Supplier scorecards/performance tracking

Easy access to supplier performance data

Scheduled/on-demand reports: rating and total cost of quality

Supplier onboarding simplified

Supplier qualification and onboarding (out of box configs)

Supplier collaboration

Supplier portal

Standard supply chain quality processes

Inspection plans, CAPAs, NCMRs, SCARs, Audits

Eliminate data silos

Integration with ERP, CRM, MES, PLM and other enterprise systems

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