Secure, Scalable and Easy to Manage QMS Software for IT

Finally, a next-gen QMS that IT professionals can love

A cloud-native QMS that improves data visibility, simplifies maintenance and scalability and easily integrates with enterprise software systems.

ETQ Reliance c-suite gains consistent knowledge for data-driven decision-making reviewing data on screen
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ETQ Reliance c-suite eliminates data silos and fractured data

A consistent view of quality

One. Single. Quality. Hub.

ETQ Reliance helps standardize data structures and integration between systems

Eliminate siloed or fractured data:

  • Improve data quality and integrity
  • Enhance reporting accuracy
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A global QMS approach

A platform for integration and harmonization

ETQ Reliance provides the capabilities IT needs to:

  • Address process gaps and eliminate inconsistent data
  • Provide a single source of quality data
  • Allow dispersed locations to support local execution and globally harmonized processes

Secure, Scalable and Easy to Manage QMS Software for IT

Finally, A Quality Management System IT Leaders Will Love

Poor quality is costing organizations $49M per year on average; to assist with quality efforts, IT departments need to be closely aligned with quality management and all lines of business to improve product quality, better integrate a QMS into the enterprise, and build a culture of quality that has a measurable business impact.

All the power and security that IT demands, with the ease-of-use end users expect

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A cloud-based QMS

Scalable, secure cloud deployment

Standards-based and certified architecture. Supports ISO 9001, ISO 27001, SAS 70, AWS GOVCloud, and AWS HIPAA compliance.

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Built-in and configurable apps

Codeless configurability

A broad portfolio of quality applications with market-leading flexibility. Use “out-of the box” or configure and integrate to make it just right for your organization.

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Advanced Analytics

Visual dashboarding with best-in-class quality analytics

Enhance your existing BI strategy with analytics that auto-adjust to your QMS configuration.

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Improving Quality through Advanced Analytics

etq reliance qms harmonize operational efficiency and quality bright headlights on car.jpg Case Study

Lumileds Case Study

Kaizen lights the way

Lumileds cut their QMS technology footprint by 35% and saved over $700,000 per year in QMS operating costs.

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