New Product Introduction

To empower quality from the concept

A culture of quality starts with step one of the product and service design process. The ETQ Reliance® New Product Introduction application features 5 apps that help make quality job one on day one.

ETQ Reliance quality by design software textile design

Project Control (APQP)

Control Plans and APQP reduce the complexity of product quality planning for customers and suppliers by allowing customers to easily communicate their product quality planning requirements to their suppliers. APQP defines the required inputs and outputs of each stage of the product development process.

ETQ Reliance’s APQP app ensures all tasks are completed on time and within budget.

  • Create milestones—required deliverables and task dependency
  • Define project templates for common project types
  • Use MS Project as a template and track all project information
  • Display progress as percentage complete or in GANTT charts
  • Use the Mobile app—even offline—to complete assigned tasks
  • Track timeliness of each task using flexible workflow rules
  • Record each task’s current risk level; manage risk for an entire project
  • Report projects by status and risk levels
  • Integrates with:
    • Change Management, Product Specification Management and FMEA
ETQ Reliance APQP process raw material aluminum

Product Specification Management

Everything you need to develop, configure and manage product specifications from raw and intermediate materials to finished product and packaging.

Drive efficient sourcing and inventory optimization processes across the supply chain.

Enable users from different groups (e.g. R&D, engineering, quality and manufacturing) to access up-to-date product and process data, see changes, give feedback and collaborate efficiently within a single and secure system.

The Product Specification Management app provides control and visibility over the complete product life cycle. Track and control all data related to a product and its components and subsystems. 

  • Generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) within a multi-document hierarchy;  initiate and manage change requests
  • Manage product design through a strict revision control process
  • Create a hierarchical view of components aligned with the BOM
  • Record the costs and operational steps for each component and roll up to the part/product level
  • Report Product Specifications by status
  • Integrates with:
    • PLM and ERP to lookup BOM details
    • FMEA app to identify and mitigate risk in design
    • Training Management app to improve operational compliance
    • Change Management app to track related changes to SOP, equipment and suppliers
ETQ Reliance Advanced product quality planning process engineer in lab coat with tablet at manufacturing facility

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Eliminate or reduce failures. FMEA is a step-by-step approach for identifying all possible failures (e.g. design, manufacturing or assembly process) of a product or service from the conceptual stages of design and throughout the life of the product or service to achieve continuous improvement.

The ETQ Reliance FMEA app helps you make better quality planning decisions by enabling analysis of product and process design reducing the time devoted to study failure effects and their mitigation. The end result is better and safer products to market faster

  • Manage risk in design with FMEA projects to prioritize potential failures by RPN score
  • Create a hierarchical view of FMEA and Control Plans aligned with the Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Update FMEA and Control Plans using web-based or MS Excel interface
  • Create a Hazard Analysis to assess product risks to end-user safety
  • Track corrective actions for each risk
  • Enforce review and approval workflows
  • Maintain strict revision control by product or at the sub-system and component level
  • Report FMEA status by product
  • Integrates with:
    • Corrective Action (CAPA) for investigation and resolution
    • Product Specifications Management for component details
ETQ Reliance quality by design HACCP application with HACCP plan

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Food safety is a growing concern in a dynamic world. Automated HACCP processes give your organization the power of knowing that the food you deliver to customers is safe. The ETQ Reliance HACCP app is dynamically linked to preventive control processes such as Hazard Prevention, Sanitation and Hygiene Documentation and Training, Environmental Monitoring and Food Allergen Control.

  • Assess risk of biological, chemical and physical hazards in the manufacturing process
    • Measure inherent and residual risk after applying control measures
  • Identify critical control points (CCP) 
  • ETQ Reliance mobile app enables you to complete assignments while remote or disconnected from your corporate network
  • Compare monitoring results with established targets
  • Enforce review and approval workflows
  • Maintain strict revision control by process
  • Report HACCP status by process or product
  • Integrates with:
    • Assets, Calibration and Maintenance for monitoring and control equipment
    • Training Management to improve operational compliance
ETQ Reliance advanced product quality planning assets calibration maintenance

Assets, Calibration and Maintenance

Ensure employee safety and minimize nonconformances by actively managing equipment maintenance with automated scheduling, notifications and reporting of any piece of equipment in your manufacturing environment.

  • Manage the complete lifecycle of calibration devices and production equipment
  • Schedule calibrations and maintenance based on usage, time or other factors
  • Define calibration plans with pass/fail criteria and calculated results
  • Define maintenance plans that track required tasks and a record of parts used
  • Use the mobile app to complete assigned tasks, even disconnected from the network
  • Track timeliness of each task using flexible workflow rules
  • Integrates with:
    • Enterprise Resource Planning  to lookup equipment details
    • Corrective Action (CAPA) for investigation and resolution

What our customers say :

Sadiq Eshaq, Technical Project Manager and Lumileds

As I became more familiar with ETQ Reliance, I realized that it’s more than just a quality system—it’s a platform to create new applications from scratch or, quite easily, ‘translate’ many older applications into the Reliance environment.

Sadiq Eshaq
Technical Project Manager, Lumileds
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Move resources from a downstream corrective mode to an upstream proactive mode

Upstream quality means downstream brand loyalty.

Analyze product and process plans across your organization for full visibility and control.

Establish metrics, benchmarks and reporting on KPI performance for the complete product lifecycle.

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