Quality Events Management | Unplanned Deviations

Unexpected events happen

Automate quality events processes. Track, trend and manage the event investigation process of unplanned deviations, speed-up investigative procedures.

ETQ Quality Events


Perform each investigation consistently

Quality Events is an application used to track & trend or manage the investigation process of a variety of unplanned events or deviations that impacts the quality, performance, safety, or reliability of a product or against cGMP.

  • The app provides a standard process for investigating an event to ensure each investigation is performed consistently and in a timely manner.
  • Organizations can discover trends that might not have otherwise been obvious. Quality Events is a central component to systematically detecting and correcting issues.


Gain a full view of quality deficiencies

Organizations can manage a broad set of unexpected or unplanned deviations, providing a single source of entry – one place to capture all different types of events. Manual deviation systems are time-consuming,  prone to delays, wrought with inconsistent processes and challenging to monitor progress.

Quality Events First, CAPA Second - Start an investigation without a CAPA

Track & trend data

Improves quality of products with tracking and trending data to identify risk and reduce quality deficiencies.

Streamline data entry

Enhances productivity capturing all necessary information and managing any quality event.

Track or investigate?

Provides a process to capture all types of events and determine if each event needs to be investigated or just tracked.

Identify trends

Tracks the results of each investigation and identifies trends for root cause analysis.

Analysis determines CAPA

Provides a determination through the analysis of the investigation to determine if a CAPA is required.


Enables users to notify management of critical issues.

ETQ Reliance on Screen

Predefined quality events

Track any event that occurs

Collect, track, trend, and resolve a broad range of unplanned deviations. You can choose from a library of predefined quality events or create your own custom events. Manage deviations related to audit findings, complaints, non-conformances, out-of-spec, out of trend, procedures, regulations, and more.