Your Quality Management Planning Game Plan

4 steps toward victory

The “Quality Tournament” is the game you’re ready for. How you prepare to play determines your ultimate success. You’ll need a Game Plan that will allow you to self-scout strengths and weaknesses, identify QMS goals and objectives, “draft” the right players and build a culture of quality that sustains your success into the future. The ETQ Quality Management Game Plan provides a way forward to victory for you and your organization.

Step 1 – Assess current situation 


Today you may be using manual processes and sharing data on paper, within a million emails, in disconnected SharePoint or buried in legacy systems that no longer meet your needs. Perhaps you have some QMS automation in place. You now know there’s a better way  – a way that will not only make your life easier, but also will provide tangible strategic value to your organization. You’ve seen what others have achieved with a strategic focus on quality. And now it’s time for an honest assessment.

Measure your quality fitness with the ETQ Quality Fitness Grader.

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Step 2 – Determine Needs

“What’s the State of Play?”

Here’s where you’ll do a good amount of self-scouting and working the sidelines to start making your plan. You know your quality fitness, so grab your clipboard and coaches’ whistle and start engaging your organization’s quality advocates. You want to share your assessment with all levels of leadership and know that that the potential of quality is well understood. Your next step is to build a plan for improving your rank in the Quality Tournament. Take it one step at a time.

Step 3 – Evaluate Options

“The Regular Season”

With your self-scouting and assessments in hand, knowledge of the competitive “ranking” and a good understanding of the challenges ahead, you can scope out your organizational QMS goals. Think short-term goals and immediate wins, as well as how your QMS environment will evolve over time to respond to changes in your business and industry. Each quality team has a different and unique set of goals. Some companies start by addressing document control or employee training needs. Others have real supplier quality and nonconformance problems. Now is also the time to identify what QMS capabilities are most important to your team and which potential QMS software partners can help you best achieve your QMS wins.

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Step 4 – Complete the Investment


You now know what your team needs, and which QMS partner can help you deliver a quality championship to your organization. All that’s left is coaching-up the critical stakeholders on the business impact of superior quality and what that means for them as business leaders. Do it right – with compelling, real-world ROI and strategic support from your chosen QMS partners — and your entire team will soon be hoisting the Quality Champion trophy at mid-field.

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