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QMS Software for Chemical & Agrochemical Industry

Turning Compliance into Your Competitive Advantage

An adaptive and secure QMS, designed to automate and streamline your operations, keeping you competitive in the fast-paced chemical and agrochemical industries.

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Safeguarding trusted brands around the world

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Global compliance

Don’t get caught off guard by supply chain quality surprises

Automate your chemical manufacturing process with comprehensive QMS to:

  • Manage the demands of an increasingly complex and global supply chain
  • Control and optimize supplier quality
  • Bring products to market faster 
  • Maintain ISO, OSHA and EPA compliance
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Chemicals and AgriSciences Environmental, Health and Safety

Build a proactive safety culture today

Collect valuable data through our automated QMS for the chemical industry:

  • Gain employee insight—learn how they evaluate you in terms of quality and safety 
  • Empower your organization—create robust EHS reports
  • Obtain info and insight into trends—prevent serious injuries and fatalities (SIF)

Our mission is to deliver optimal quality management in the chemical industry that creates benefits for top- and bottom-line financials and global growth. ETQ Reliance gives customer the power to:

Increase Decision Velocity

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Improve decision velocity by delivering trusted prescriptive and predictive information using analytics, automation, and AI

Drive Compliance at Scale

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Efficiently meet changing regulatory, compliance, customer, and market requirements at scale

Improve Supplier Quality

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Improve supplier quality to ensure positive business impact and enhanced customer loyalty

Reduce Cost of Quality

reduce cost of poor quality

Reduce cost of quality to minimize business disruption, brand risk, and revenue impact

Accelerate Time to Market

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Accelerate time to market by optimizing the product life cycle

ETQ Reliance QMS

ETQ Reliance QMS

A quality management solution (QMS) that delivers measurable business value

Case Study

Intertek eases compliance for lab staff using ETQ Reliance

Intertek’s lean QA team uses ETQ Reliance quality management software to centralize and harmonize quality management processes.

Its previous process — a mix of paper, aging electronic systems, and spreadsheets — was labor-intensive, time-consuming, and highly risky.

ETQ Reliance Quality Management for Chemical and Agrisciences in field with large tractor spraying chemicals

Case study


Nutrien builds the foundation of its culture of safety with ETQ Reliance® chemical quality management software.

ETQ Reliance Quality Management for Chemical and Agrisciences in field with monitoring chemical equipment for safety


EHSQ – Real world examples of the convergence of EHS and Quality

You’ll learn from leading brands, including Corteva Agriscience and Chemours, that use a single platform to manage EHS and quality. You’ll also learn about their drivers, costs, benefits, best practices and lessons learned.

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