Decision Velocity
Improve Decision Velocity with ETQ Reliance Quality Solution 

Predictive Analytics and Quality AI

Make better decisions faster

ETQ Reliance helps you to improve decision velocity by delivering prescriptive and predictive information using analytics, automation and AI.   

The challenges of missing, delayed or incorrect decisions, high scrap and rework costs, missed/lost revenue, or the inability to employ informed continuous improvement can result in unnecessary costs, missed market opportunities, damaged brand reputation or weaker financial performance. 

ETQ Reliance Quality Management System (QMS) offers algorithmic trending, classification and alerting. Quality data is connected, accessible and communicated to the right person at the right time to help drive proactive decision-making. Additionally, ETQ Reliance features a Business Process Analytics Layer which provides a visualization of domain and process-specific dashboards, reports and analytics. 

These collective benefits lead to more informed and rapid decision-making, ultimately improving overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Leverage quality data to make better decisions, faster
  • Enable quality management as a business differentiator
  • Increase shareholder value and revenue
  • Improve margins
We wanted to use our QMS as a data superhighway, facilitating data transfer outside of silos and throughout all areas of our business.
Adam Ryley, Global Quality Systems Leader, Trane Technologies.
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Predictive Analytics Software

Enable agile decision making with ETQ Reliance

  • Compare actual results to objectives
  • Visualize and analyze data
  • Easily share data between systems
  • Empower quality teams to respond quickly and effectively market changes
  • Reduce hidden costs

Customers show measurable improvement in quality results with ETQ Reliance

Nutrien uses quality data from ETQ Reliance to prevent incidents and accidents

Decision Velocity Nutrien QMS ETQ

Nutrien uses data from ETQ Reliance to deliver robust reports and spot trends to prevent serious injuries and fatalities. Timely access to accurate safety data is also used to satisfy compliance audits.

Trane drives a culture of quality with digital enterprise thread

Decision Velocity Trane QMS ETQ

Trane sees Reliance as a “data superhighway.” They cut manufacturing cycle time by more than 400 hours per month just by creating a digital connection between their MES and QMS to automate their system of recording non-conformances.

AMD, chip maker driving results

Decision Velocity QMS ETQ AMD

AMD centralized data and data yielded analysis on ETQ Reliance delivering better results and saving hundreds of staff hours per week.

Symmetry Surgical impacts their bottom-line

Decision Velocity Symmetry Surgical QMS ETQ

Symmetry Surgical uses customer feedback data gathered within ETQ Reliance to ID previously hidden reworks that affect .5% of all shipments.

Decision Velocity Nutrien QMS ETQ
Decision Velocity Trane QMS ETQ
Decision Velocity QMS ETQ AMD
Decision Velocity Symmetry Surgical QMS ETQ

Increase agile decision making with Reliance Quality AI capabilities

Manage supplier data

Manage supplier data process and boost supplier quality visibility.

Reliance Quality AI with algorithmic trending

classification and alerting provides predictive capabilities. 

The aggregation of quality-related or adjacent data

allows for connected and accessible data.

Business Process Analytics Layer

offers a visualization of domain/process-specific dashboards for proactive decision-making.

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