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Suppliers, Materials and Chemicals Software

Supplier management clarity where you need it,
when you want it most

A complete repository for information on suppliers and the materials they provide.

ETQ Reliance supplier management with worker receiving containers

Supplier repository

Strengthen your supplier management process with ETQ Reliance® Suppliers, Materials and Chemicals app. This supplier app is your go-to place for information on all your suppliers and their materials, approved supplier lists and documentation.

ETQ Reliance QMS home page modern UX
ETQ Reliance Supplier Profile shown on tablet
ETQ Reliance Supplier Profile shown on tablet
ETQ Reliance Supplier management software with supplier profile
Two quality managers in warehouse working with ETQ Reliance supply chain management software

Single source of truth

Easily manage suppliers and track all changes thanks to revision-controlled information. Gain complete visibility into supplier performance by accessing supplier info from other ETQ Reliance apps like Life Sciences Compliance, Receiving and Inspection, Nonconformance Management, Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR), Change Management and others-simplify your supplier management.

  • You can also synchronize master data via third-party system integrations (e.g. Epicor, SAP, Oracle).

What do clients have to say
about ETQ Reliance?

One of the key requirements when we bought ETQ was that we could use it for supplier management. Our supplier quality engineering group is extremely happy with ETQ. We are going after a market that requires zero defects (automotive market). It’s a different standard—and ETQ hits that standard.

Steve Bergeron
Director of quality for US manufacturing and
materials and QMS infrastructure, Cree Corporation
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ETQ Reliance supplier management compliance with worker receiving material in warehouse

Suppliers Materials and Chemicals Software Compliance

Complete visibility and access to information ensures supplier quality and compliance:

  • Assess each supplier’s risk level
  • Automate onboarding and recertification audits
  • Access supplier documentation (e.g.  quality agreements, ISO certificates, etc.)
ETQ Reliance Environmental management system hazard chemical storage tanks

Chemical Approval

ETQ Reliance Chemical Approval process tracks and reports chemical information for key regulatory needs, emergency planning, emergency release notifications, hazardous chemical storage reporting and toxic chemical release approval. Through Chemical Compliance tools, customers can create and manage Safety Data Sheets, dangerous goods, labeling and packaging, hazard classification and any part of the supply chain dealing with dangerous goods or chemicals.

This creates an embedded chemical approval process that allows site-level oversight of chemicals that are bought, used, stored and shipped along with the engineering, administrative and safety controls required to manage the process.

ETQ Reliance Suppliers, Materials and Chemicals provide you with a complete supplier overview

Risk assessment

Complete visibility—all the way down to each supplier’s risk assessment and evaluation.

Audit ready

Commence initial onboarding and recertification based on supplier risk assessments to increase audit readiness.

Supplier performance rating

Track and score supplier performance across a wide variety of processes.


Integrate with 3rd party systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle) to synchronize master data.

Lumileds Case Study

Kaizen Lights the Way

Lumileds is the global leader in light engine technology. Before partnering with ETQ, Lumileds relied on a host of siloed systems from “off the shelf” software, SharePoint, or custom software applications to manage their quality systems and processes.

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Suppliers Materials and Chemicals Software FAQ


How can suppliers, materials, and chemicals software help my company achieve or maintain compliance?

To create compliant products, you need compliant materials (and chemicals). That means working with your suppliers to ensure they only provide the highest-quality materials and subassemblies. Supply chain quality software helps you track your suppliers’ performance, assess their risk levels, and access their documentation, including ISO certificates.

Does this software integrate with other ETQ Reliance apps, and if so, which ones?

Suppliers, materials, and chemicals software pulls data from ETQ Reliance apps, including Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) software, PPAP software, Life Sciences Compliance software, Nonconformance Management software, and others.

Is third-party integration available?

Yes. You can pull in data from Epicor, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceDesk, and other applications—and you can also push data from Reliance to these applications. This feature allows Reliance to serve as a single source of truth for supply chain quality.

What does the ETQ Reliance Chemical Approval process track?

You need to use data to manage your hazardous chemicals. ETQ Reliance Chemical Approval process lets you track and report regulatory information related to these chemicals. This process enables you to plan for emergencies, prearrange emergency release notifications, report your storage status, and receive approval to release toxic chemicals when necessary.

What Chemical Compliance tools are available, and what can I do with them?

Chemical compliance tools allow you to create Material Safety Data Sheets allowing your workforce to pack, transport, and handle hazardous goods safely. This process ensures that any hazardous materials you produce safely reach your customers—enforcing supply chain quality.

Can I use this software to improve risk management?

By producing Material Safety Data Sheets, you’ll be able to minimize the chance of a harmful accident related to your products. By integrating PPAP software, you’ll be able to ensure that the products you receive match the levels of quality you need. By integrating SCAR software, you can improve the overall quality of materials that you receive from suppliers. All of these represent ways of improving risk management.

Does this software prepare companies for the auditing process?

Yes. Integrated PPAP software lets you either undergo a PPAP audit or launch one of your own. You’ll be able to demonstrate that your suppliers are compliant, and you’ll be able to navigate the chemical approvals process.

Can I use this app to automate the auditing process?

Automation is a core component of Reliance NXG. With the Suppliers, Materials, and Chemicals application, you can automate the onboarding and recertification of your suppliers. You can also automatically store and retrieve their documentation as necessary.

How can I use this app to track chemical usage and storage locations?

Use the Chemical Approval process to track and report information related to chemicals, both hazardous and otherwise. The Chemical Approval software has dedicated functionality for tracking and reporting usage and storage, ensuring that you’ll never lose track.

How can I use this app to track and score supplier performance?

The Suppliers, Materials, and Chemicals application has dedicated functionality for tracking and scoring supplier performance. The Supplier repository is a centralized dashboard for all your suppliers and their materials, approved supplier lists, and documentation.

What is supply chain quality?

Supply chain quality is a process in which quality managers ensure that suppliers to your organization deliver raw materials and components in a way that conforms with best practices. In other words, raw materials and components should be free from defects, packed and labeled appropriately, and come with documentation ensuring that they were produced and inspected in a compliant manner.

What is the best supply chain quality management system?

ETQ Reliance includes an industry-leading supply chain quality management application that allows you to track, score, and manage your suppliers. You’ll be able to receive an at-a-glance picture of supplier performance, receive alerts about nonconformances, and automate your response with SCAR and PPAP software.

What is the best supply chain quality software?

In our opinion, ETQ Reliance is the best supply chain quality software for the money. That’s because we provide the tools and integrations you need to manage a global supply chain and react when the supply chain inevitably surprises you. With tools like machine learning and automation, you’ll be able to vastly increase your productivity while still ensuring the safety and compliance of thousands of components and raw materials from dozens or hundreds of companies.