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Nonconformance Handling | Managing Product Defects

Quality builds brands

Poor quality is expensive and has lasting effects on an organization’s reputation.
Reduce customer complaints and foster continuous improvement by minimizing nonconformance to boost product quality. The Nonconformance application set is comprised of 4 apps:

ETQ Noncormance inspector inspecting materials

Nonconformance Reporting

Nonconformances occur when a service, product or process does not meet defined specifications, industry regulations or standards. Nonconformances negatively impact organizations in terms of cost, reputation, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Nonconformance Reporting manages the review and disposition of any production materials that do not conform to normal specifications. The app ensures any out of specification conditions are visible and enforces review and approval workflows, with timeliness tracking.

ETQ Reliance nonconformance software report planned deviations plastic water bottle manufacturing assembly line

Planned Deviation

Identify deviations, develop a deviation plan with target completion dates, approve proposed deviations and verify the completion of deviations that are in process. Create and assign action related to the deviation process being performed.

Integrates with: 

  • ETQ Reliance Nonconforming Material to initiate a deviation
  • ETQ Reliance Corrective Action (CAPA) for investigation and resolution
  • ETQ Reliance Document Control
  • 3rd-party systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle)
Nonconformance software ETQ Reliance nonconformance report customer feedback happy and sad faces

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is invaluable in the continuous improvement process and can be seamlessly integrated into the nonconformance handling process to enable a closed loop of feedback and actions.

ETQ Reliance automates the process of managing customer profiles, tracking investigations and taking action on customer feedback to improve quality and boost brand loyalty.

ETQ Reliance nonconformance return material authorization boxes in warehouse with inspection failed sticker on box

Return Material Authorization

Return Material Authorization tracks all returns that occur within a company. It allows users to identify the reason for return, material that needs to be returned, and quantities to be returned.

  • Users can generate nonconformances and other workflows that link directly to the original return.
  • Define templates for various types of correspondence


3 Benefits of Nonconformance Management Software

In compliance management, the role of managing and tracking nonconformances is a critical step to ensuring that product defects are flagged and handled properly.

How can this application set contribute to your quality process?

Ensure product and service quality with nonconformance-driven continuous improvement

Minimize defects proactively to save recall, scrap and rework costs

Build brand loyalty with an automated, controlled and trackable Customer Feedback system

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