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Quality Analytics Software

Improve Decision Velocity​

Access ETQ Reliance quality data in an analytics-ready format with ETQ Insights. Quality operational dashboards and data—designed by quality professionals—that expose valuable info, trends and facts. Leveraging leading analytics technologies, ETQ Insights provides purpose-built quality analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.

Quality 4.0 data hub

Actionable insights

With the ETQ Insights app, all your quality-related data is organized for you in an advanced quality analytics package.

Uncover critical operational knowledge and identify trends by analyzing large and diverse quality data sets that help power quality decision-making and continuous improvement.

ETQ Insights quality analytics with regulatory submission benchmark
ETQ Insights quality analytics for corrective action trend
ETQ Insights quality analytics for data quality management with body map
ETQ Insights data quality management teamwork

Data-driven decision making

The reality is that massive amounts of data are generated on a daily basis. The problem is that this data is siloed across various systems and, unless resources are dedicated to manually collect data, obtaining an insightful analytics model is nearly impossible.

ETQ Insights advanced analytics:

  • Harmonizes quality data across disparate systems
  • Provides purpose-built quality dashboards based on best practices
  • Enables data-driven analysis—better decisions for taking quality actions such as root causes and recurrences
  • Integrates into a broader BI strategy
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360-degree view

Specifically dedicated to collecting and analyzing quality-related data, ETQ Insights, quality analytics, offers a complete and actionable overview of all your quality operations.

A data quality management technology that allows quality professionals to:

  • Identify trends—respond quickly and efficiently
  • Isolate root causes more effectively
  • Enable continuous improvement

Quality analytics

Leveraging leading analytics technologies, ETQ Insights provides purpose-built quality analytics, visualizations and dashboards to help you make data-driven decisions.

Synchronization Data Layer (SDL)

Without hindering the QMS’ performance, all quality-related information is transformed into analytics data via the SDL and deposited into the Quality Data Lake.

QMS dashboards

Developed using the quality management industry’s best practices, ETQ Insights includes dashboards including Corrective Action Trends, Supplier Corrective Action Analysis, Corrective Action Root Causes, Injury Analysis, Non-Conforming Trend Analysis and more.

Seamlessly integrate with existing BI Strategy

ETQ Insights features an optional quality data lake (QDL) where all ETQ Reliance data resides, both structured and unstructured. Access data in the QDL to include in your own data warehouse or to use existing BI tools


Improving Quality through Advanced Analytics

Organizations with a strong data culture can provide insights into supplier quality, manufacturing processes, customer feedback, complaints and problem resolution.

What do clients have to say
about ETQ Reliance?

ETQ Reliance allows us to very easily download all the information. We’re able to do more data pulls out of the system; we’re able to quickly report out on things. We’re able to look at the data, see what it’s telling us and then make the best risk-based decisions. It’s all porting out of this quality management system tool—ETQ Reliance.

Marlene Wolf
Executive Director of Quality, ETS
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