ETQ Guide – Reducing Risk Through Quality: What the C-Suite Needs to Know

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Risk Register Software

Measure to manage risk

Identify and control all potential risks that may affect your organization. The ETQ Reliance Risk Register automatically gathers this risk data from all operational areas and stores it in a central repository.

With greater visibility from ETQ risk assessment software, the business can improve operations using risk as a benchmark for overall compliance and mitigate long-term system, process and product risks. 

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Risk catalog

ETQ Reliance® Risk Register software offers a centralized location to create, view and analyze the risk history of your operational areas and report on trends.

The risk management app automatically gathers this risk data from all operational areas and stores it in a central repository. Not all areas will assess risk in the same way, but when data is stored in a common location, businesses can see how risk management has evolved over time and analyze trends to identify high risks that would otherwise remain hidden.

With greater visibility through ETQ Reliance Risk Register software, the business can improve operations using risk as a benchmark for overall compliance.

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ETQ Reliance risk register application

What do clients have to say
about ETQ Reliance Risk Register Software?

Being able to manage and mitigate risk is critical. The only way we can do that is to have the data, and ETQ Reliance makes that possible for us.

SMS Manager
Major Aircraft manufacturer
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Proactive risk management

Mitigate risks and make better decisions, thanks to a centralized and complete repository of your organization’s risk and hazard data.

As the repository grows and real-world hazards and baseline data are added to it, your critical business decisions are made using information that impacts almost every aspect of the business.

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Know your risk

The Risk Register application —essential to any risk-based quality culture—allows an organization to:

  • Examine and refine the efficacy of all risk management procedures and implemented controls
  • Perform risk assessments—define actions to be taken
  • Provide evidence that risk has been reduced through effective actions
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Central location

ETQ Reliance Risk Register software offers an overall view of compliance—a centralized location for risk history—that allows you to:

  • Analyze and report on trends
  • Adjust operations based on risk history
  • Create risk assessment templates—identify severity, frequency or other risk-based criteria
  • Assess significant risks at any step of any process, then reassess to prove effectiveness of actions
  • Identify trends and risk analysis organization wide

ETQ Reliance risk assessment software
helps assess and neutralize risk

Manage risk

Analyze the risk of quality events at every step of the process.

Anticipate risk

Identify trends and evaluate risk throughout the organization.

Categorize risk

Automatically segregate and categorize events at the source application level (e.g. complaints, CAPA, audits, suppliers, injury reports).

Risk ready

Identify risk controls, risk assessment history and trends.

Case Study

Global Aircraft Manufacturer EHS and Risk

The success of the company’s business strategy is based on its ability to reliably deliver safe aircraft to customers.

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