Supply Chain Quality Management

Visibility to foster quality and efficiency

An automated QMS helps build and maintain a cost-effective, high-quality global supply chain. 

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Safeguarding trusted brands around the world

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Supply chain quality

Do the
right thing right
the first time

An automated QMS with real-time data empowers you to:

  • Increase visibility over your supply chain from local manufacturers to global suppliers
  • Improve communication with suppliers
  • Reduce manufacturing interruptions
  • Prevent NPI delays
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Supply chain visibility

No more blind spots

Take control over your entire supply chain thanks to increased visibility: 

  • Reduce material non-conformities and supplier events
  • Improve strategic decision-making about suppliers
  • Decrease risk of unknown raw material and process changes

Supply chain quality professionals rely on the power of ETQ Reliance

Collaboration via Cloud-based apps

Secure, flexible integration with suppliers

Employees and suppliers can securely access and update common workflows.

Built-in and configurable apps

Get up and running fast

​Begin with best practices and easily adapt and evolve in response to business changes.


Easy to use for everyone

Optimal user experience and maximum adoption thanks to clear, friendly and streamlined workflows.

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White paper

Turning your supply chain into a powerful differentiator

Widespread optimization to improve supply chain efficiency.

etq reliance qms supply chain engineer working on machine in manufacturing facility Case Study

Celestica Case Study

Celestica creates global harmonization

Celestica takes advantage of ETQ Reliance’s renowned flexibility to provide quality management for its global electronics manufacturing operations.

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