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Powerful, agile, and easy-to-use quality management software

ETQ Reliance QMS enhances product and service quality while ensuring regulatory compliance and risk mitigation, adapting seamlessly to your business requirements.

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Leading brands from a variety of industries trust ETQ Reliance for Quality Management

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Keep pace with regulations and increased consumer demands for quality.

Benefit from improved compliance, enhanced reputation, reduced costs, speed to market, and visibility into your supply chain.

  • Document control: Manage the creation, distribution, and archiving of all documents in a centralized and controlled framework to adhere to industry standards and best-practice frameworks.
  • Corrective Action (CAPA): Prioritize, filter, track, and execute corrective actions automatically. Effectively address adverse events quickly to resolve issues and maintain a high level of overall quality.
  • Non-conformance Handling: Manage the review and disposition of any production materials that do not conform to normal specifications to reduce customer complaints and foster continuous improvement.
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  • Supply Chain Quality: Ensure finished product quality with automated control and visibility over all elements of your supply chain, from local manufacturers to global suppliers.
  • Training Management: Use quality-focused training management on specific policies, processes, and procedures with third-party LMS integration to provide a holistic approach to employee training.
  • Audits Management: Have complete visibility and control over the auditing process while streamlining the scheduling, assigning, executing, and reporting phases.
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Improve your quality processes with an adaptable QMS solution

  • Reduce costs: Automate processes to reduce the higher costs associated with manual and email-based systems.
  • Release products faster: Increase visibility over your supply chain to reduce production planning delays and slower introduction.
  • Improve quality: Drive excellence through quality by leveraging best practices and a set of core business capabilities.
  • Maintain brand loyalty: Build a stronger brand reputation by minimizing defects, customer complaints, and boosting your overall product quality.

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