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ETQ Reliance EQMS Platform—powerful and agile

ETQ Reliance®—an intuitive quality management software solution—is built on an easily configurable, Cloud-based platform.

Teamwork with ETQ Reliance quality management software EQMS with platform adaptability


Make this EQMS your own, no coding required

Limitless flexibility—adapt the QMS to your specific quality processes:

  • Modify, expand or create new processes and apps using drag-and-drop with the codeless designer
  • Configure workflows, rules, forms, fields and keywords


Common data - anytime, anywhere

  • Linking and data inheritance ensure common data across all applications.
  • Industry standard integration methods connect the organization.


data—to make
the right call

Drive synergy throughout your organization by leveraging corporate data that exists outside the QMS. Integrate with other enterprise applications, to share data, streamline data entry, reduce errors, automate cross-functional workflows, and have a single source of truth for your quality information.

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Contextual Awareness

The right data for the right people

Leverage the platform to carry out actions such as:

  • Location, role and product-based filtering and security
  • Delegation and escalation
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) field-tested security best practices

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Are you ready to learn more about ETQ Genetics?

Essential Quality Management System Genetics

Learn about the six genetics that make a strong Quality Management System to adapt to your changing business needs, drive user adoption, deliver ROI and meet today's requirements.

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External Collaboration

Within your organization—or outside it—everyone can contribute

Internal and external parties seamlessly and securely contribute to common workflows in the Cloud.

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Anywhere Access

Take quality into the field

Take ETQ Reliance on the road—on any device—knowing that you have access to real-time, quality data. When you can’t connect to Reliance, you can still work offline, syncing up with the system when you are back online

  • Move between desktop and mobile devices while continuing to access Reliance. Whether you are at your desk or walking the factory floor, you always have quality at your fingertips.
  • Take advantage of taking pictures, recording voice memos or video, geo-location and working offline in remote locations with the mobile app

What customers say:

Sadiq Eshaq, Technical Project Manager and Lumileds

As I became more familiar with ETQ Reliance, I realized that it’s more than just a quality system—it’s a platform to create new applications from scratch or, quite easily, ‘translate’ many older applications into the Reliance environment.

Sadiq Eshaq
Technical Project Manager, Lumileds
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ETQ Reliance platform capabilities


Web Services: RESTful, APIs​

ETQ Reliance includes built in integration capabilities so you ensure that data can be exchanged with other systems quickly and securely, saving costs of manual effort and reducing risk of human error in forcing users to work across multiple siloed systems.


Make sense out of large amounts of data

Lets companies organize data by creating drag and drop analytics reports, create scheduled reports that drill down on data, filter data by relevant factors, and search data sets easily and efficiently.

Audit Trail

Capture changes as they occur

ETQ Reliance Audit Trail is built with accountability and traceability in mind. However, ETQ has gone further than simple audit trail logging and includes enhanced features that make it easier and more efficient for organizations to ensure compliance.


Take ETQ Reliance on the road—on any device

knowing that you have access to real-time, quality data. When you can’t connect to Reliance, you can still work offline, syncing up with the system when you are back online.

Configuration Management

Make your applications your own

The combination of Designer (power in codeless application configuration), ETQScript (for when you need more involved configurations and Developer (for building new applications).

Administration & Security

Distribute ownership based on location

Allowing for configuration of each location in a centralized application.​ Configure by location or group, standardize applications and views based on user access level​. Set security access levels​.

Delegation & Escalation

Ensures that no project task falls through the cracks

Automates the process of delegating, escalating and tracking assignments so that time-sensitive issues and tasks are completed if the primary task owner is unavailable or assigns the task to a teammate.

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