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Release Management Software

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release management tool

Streamline your release processes, deliver enhancements quickly, and ensure product quality with our lean-team friendly release management software.

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Control and configurability

ETQ Reliance’s Release Management software application allows you to manage your own internal release cycle, track user requirements, specific configurations and quality assurance testing.

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ETQ Reliance Release Management application
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What do clients have to say about
ETQ Reliance release management software?

Without quality – how can you run your business? With ETQ Reliance, what is really cool is that it’s configurable; so we don’t have to define our processes around the tool. We can configure that tool around our processes, so that makes it very flexible.

Shannon Hoffman
Senior Quality Engineer, ETS
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Manage updates and release processes

Thanks to ETQ Reliance release tracking software’s industry-leading configurability:

  • Modify existing apps—your own unique, configured workflows and quality processes
  • Develop new apps—integrate with other apps and expand the QMS’ capabilities beyond the core features
Life science worker looking at ETQ Reliance Release Management QMS on screen for compliance

Compliance-Driven Release Management Tool

For life science industry organizations, our enterprise release management software delivers easy-to-use forms, work-flows and reports to manage each step and document the validation process.

The release management app helps all organizations:

  • Deploy enhancements and new functionality faster
  • Accelerate improvements to quality and safety programs
  • Reduce validation effort and disruption
  • Decrease regulatory and compliance risk

ETQ Reliance Release Management Software
helps streamline flexibility


Quickly deploy enhancements and new functionality to all your users.


Closer management of quality assurance and validation testing, and changes to reduce risk of non-compliance.


ETQ Reliance Release Management tool delivers easy-to-use forms, work-flows and reports to manage every step and documentation of the validation process.


Manage requirements testing, analyze validation plan and summary report (e.g. pass/fail) in a single view.

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