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Unlock continuous improvement with our quality management software for manufacturing and production. Advanced analytics help you identify opportunities, reduce risks, and enhance quality. Uncover hidden insights and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

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Driving quantifiable results for manufacturing businesses worldwide

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ETQ increases your supply chain visibility

ETQ’s lean manufacturing software monitors your supply chain and helps you uncover new opportunities to increase yield and maximize productivity.

  • Integrate processes for receiving materials from suppliers and set up inspection schedules
  • Calculate criteria for sampling based on customer-configured Acceptable Quality Level tables
  • Track and evaluate the quality of supplier goods in real-time
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Ensure compliance management and foster innovation with ETQ’s advanced analytics

Non-conformances, product quality defects, and product failures quickly add up. These issues lead to significant inefficiencies and an increased cost of quality. ETQ Reliance Advanced Analytics application is here to help.

  • Make better, more informed decisions based on real data
  • Drill down into nonconforming material reports and failure modes to create new and improved production strategies
  • Manage the assignment, timeliness and history of the nonconforming materials process

Manufacturers rely on ETQ Reliance quality management software to increase innovation

Consistent data across all applications

See the same data no matter where you are

Stay informed even off the floor—view real-time quality data from your smartphone or tablet.

Fewer corrective actions and SCARs

Address internal and external issues

Efficiently deal with adverse events to uphold a high level of overall quality.

Integration with manufacturing systems

A single system for all your data

An optimal user experience because everything you need is in one place.

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Improve production quality and reduce safety risks

ETQ Reliance helps you manage even the toughest quality and safety challenges by ensuring you’re always prepared to face unprecedented threats, with robust risk management features that allow you to identify, assess, and mitigate risks proactively, thereby improving quality and safety in your operations.

Using ETQ Reliance quality management system, Cooper Tire significantly improved manufacturing efficiency by reducing scrap costs and audit administrative time by 80%. Similarly, GE Transportation enhanced their manufacturing efficiency by reducing the cost of quality by 20% and saving over $30 million.

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FUJIFILM consolidates and coordinates processes using ETQ Reliance

“ETQ has been a smashing success for our end users at FUJIFILM. We continue to load new users and their

documents daily and they love it,” says Donna McCracken of FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.

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