Enterprise Risk Management

A hands-on approach to risk prevention

Embrace a proactive approach to risk management. ETQ Reliance® gives you the agility to handle quality challenges before they become trouble for you and your customers. The ETQ Reliance Risk Management application set is comprised of 6 apps:

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Compliance Obligations

Compliance Obligations identifies, accesses and evaluates laws, regulations and internal organizational requirements that apply to setting quality and safety objectives for your organization. This app allows you to:

ETQ task management

Task Management

Track and manage any compliance-related task in a single repository, whether one-time or recurring.

  • Ensure visibility and timely completion of all tasks
  • Schedule recurring tasks on user definable time frames
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Meetings Management

Make meetings matter with a centralized resource for collaboration and automatic tracking of action items across the enterprise. Schedule, assign action items, distribute resources and track corrective actions with ease.

  • Provides configurable meeting templates
  • Integrates with Corrective Action (CAPA)
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Emergency Preparedness

All businesses suffer disruptions at some point in their history. How effectively an organization responds to an emergency to ensure the uninterrupted flow of business is critically important. The Emergency Preparedness app is a planning and preparation tool to document, approve and test an organization’s response plans for ensuring business continuity in the face of various emergencies.

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Quality Records Disposition

Better manage the collection of quality records and easily create reports on your organization’s quality programs. Reports are delivered via a dashboard that monitors KPIs, live data and other quality performance metrics. The Quality Records dashboard can be configured to issue real-time alerts for any negative performance events.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Make better decisions based on real risk data and mitigate and prevent risks before they occur. The ERM Risk Survey app provides a systematic, objective way to identify, assess and mitigate risk across the enterprise. ETQ’s ERM Risk Survey app empowers you to:


The Risk Management Guidebook: Strategies, Tools for Success and Other Insights

Automating Risk Management enables you to put
processes in place to mitigate risk and give you
the insight needed to prevent risk from recurring.

Incorporate proactive risk-based thinking to drive continuous improvement

Incorporate risk in the design phase

Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA): This tool helps you identify potential failures before you invest in production.

Actively manage supply chain risk

Filter corrective actions by risk—ensure business continuity in the event of any disruptions.

Make corrective action more effective

Identify underlying trends and create more effective controls to improve process excellence.

Leverage post-market feedback

Integrate complaint handling with corrective actions and reporting, ensuring all issues receive their due attention.

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