Change Management Software

Manage the impact of change

Successfully manage the entire change management process from beginning to end.

Change Management software: Plan, Engage, Team, Execute, Measure, Improve

Structured change

ETQ Reliance’s® Change Management software app automates all changes throughout the organization—products, suppliers and documentation—nothing is left to chance. 

For any change management initiative to work, you must make a convincing case for the change, communicating the benefits regularly to the team. Collaborating on the ideal future state helps ensure everyone is on the same page, giving you a common set of terms, strategies and goals to guide the project. Creating this vision also makes it possible to explore different options for achieving your goals, and change management software can make these tasks simple.

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Without quality - how can you run your business? With ETQ Reliance, what is really cool is that it's configurable; so we don't have to define our processes around the tool. We can configure that tool around our processes, so that makes it very flexible.

Shannon Hoffman
Senior Quality Engineer, ETS
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Effective change management

Adapting to market trends, improving products or processes, remaining competitive—these business realities all necessitate change. And, let’s face it, change is risky. Add product lines, revenue and company stability to the mix, and only the most resilient companies will survive.

ETQ Reliance’s change management software provides all the information relating to a requested change: details, business rationale, affected documentation, products or suppliers, and action plans, approvals and verification.

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Change Management Software

Workflow efficiency

Getting the most out of your change management software requires in-depth planning and rigorous preparation: what will change, who will be involved, which suppliers to use, what materials to purchase and so much more.

When the right information is sent to the right person at the right time, cycle time for engineering changes is reduced.

The result? Quicker innovation, shorter life cycles and, ultimately, a better end-product.

ETQ Reliance change management with men assessing risk on production line.

Manage risk

Evaluate the overall impact of a change. Assess risks and opportunities prior to going ahead with the new process. Quantitative risk assessment tools allow you to analyze multiple dimensions of risk and perform informed, risk-based decision making.

ETQ Reliance Change Management software
helps streamline change processes


Change management software enable cross-functional teams to collaborate and have access to common information.


All changes are stored in a central repository.


Ensure timely and efficient updates with the integration of ETQ Reliance's Document Control app, ERP, and product life cycle management (PLM).


Initiate action plans based on change type; create automated timelines and deadlines to ensure work stays on track.

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