Connected Worker Solution

ETQ Reliance Connected Worker Solution

Boost productivity by extending quality management to the shop floor— empower your frontline workforce to drive continual improvement in quality, safety and productivity.

Frontline worker

Break down silos and build a connected quality ecosystem

ETQ Reliance® Connected Worker, powered by Augmentir, offers a unique digital solution that automates workflows between frontline workers and quality management teams.

  • Empower frontline manufacturing workers to report and act on the opportunities for improvement they see daily.
  • Enable direct communication between local quality control and global quality management teams to collaborate on resolving issues.
  • Use valuable factory floor data to make better and faster quality-driven decisions that reduce downtime and cost of poor quality across all sites.

Connected workforce boosts product quality

Extend quality management to the shop floor for efficiency and productivity

Managing critical quality processes with paper, spreadsheets or phone calls is inefficient.

  • Organizations can achieve 20-30% productivity boosts by using digital collaboration technology to connect their workforces.
  • Break down silos between quality control and quality management.
  • Capture more opportunities to improve product quality and reduce costs associated with poor quality.
  • Give frontline workers an active voice in continuous improvement and visibility to the impact of their contributions.

Integrated Connected Worker Solution

Closed-Loop Quality with ETQ and Augmentir

ETQ Reliance and Augmentir, the leading AI-powered Connected Worker solution, together give manufacturing companies an integrated solution to stop product quality issues from reaching customers.

Digital collaborative workflows that open up communication

Shop floor-friendly data collection

Frontline workers quickly and easily report quality and safety issues during Autonomous Maintenance from mobile devices running Augmentir

Automated workflows speed communication

Quality managers using ETQ Reliance receive quality event reports from the shop floor and can launch the appropriate QMS processes to track, trend, investigate and uncover root cause.

Technology that empowers your workforce

Giving frontline workers the tools and control to see how the information they report directly impacts manufacturing productivity and performance.

Connected Worker Solutions deliver results for manufacturing operations using Augmentir today


Reduction in onboarding time


Improvement in productivity


Reduction in downtime


Improvement in quality

Learn how you can achieve the benefits of an ETQ Reliance Connected worker solution

By looking at the insights generated [by] Augmentir, we identified problems in our historical procedures that were hidden until now, and we identified a handful of potential continuous improvement projects from just the first few months of clean data.

Continuous Improvement Engineer
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