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Developing a culture of safety is the best way to reduce the number of workplace incidents, but it demands that the entire organization considers safety a high priority, factors safety into all decisions and holds itself accountable.

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Health & Safety

Prevent workplace injury and lost productivity

Protect your employees and your bottom line by building a successful safety culture. When safety is no longer viewed as a job or a task, when it is viewed as a way of life, you have built a culture that will have a positive organizational made an impact.

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Enterprise Risk Management

Control and mitigate risk

One of the biggest responsibilities of any EHS department is controlling and mitigating risks in the workplace. Conducting thorough risk assessments on every event and Risk Surveys on a regular basis can be your best defense against workplace hazards.

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Move from reactive to proactive

Track every safety event and near misses

Capture comprehensive safety data, see trends, implement fixes, deploy training and drive continuous improvement.

Closed loop continuous improvement

Stay current automatically, all processes share relevant details

Spend time proactively addressing issues instead of manually updating information in multiple, siloed locations.

Built-in and configurable apps

Get up and running fast

​Begin with best practices and easily adapt and evolve in response to business changes.

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White paper

The ultimate guide to employee safety

The best way to reduce incident rates in your workplace is to create a safety culture, where employee safety is a company-wide priority.


Nutrien Case Study

Nutrien builds a culture of safety

Building an effective culture of safety and health

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