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Improve decision velocity: Integrate quality control (QC) with quality assurance (QA)

Connected quality is the next evolution critical to digital transformation — It enables quality practices and data capture on the shop floor to enable actionable management insights to keep up with the new reality of business.

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Learn how Wabtec Connected quality

The benefits of connecting QC data with QMS processes

Wabtec integrates quality control with quality management to provide shop floor insights and streamline on-time delivery.

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Integration Benefits

The benefits of connecting QC and QM


Watch the demo on QC data connected to QMS

QDAS integrated with ETQ Reliance

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Quality management system

Prioritize continuous improvement

Quality control data is essential to stopping defects from escaping and a QMS establishes a process for continuous improvement. Quality management systems (QMS) drive quality improvement throughout a manufacturing or industrial system. The purpose of a QMS is not only to help organize and optimize business practices, but to make manufacturing smarter.

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QMS Software

How does QMS software prevent problems?

Quality management software is a workflow-based software that provides a centralized means of managing and tracking your quality management system. Most quality management software systems consist of document control, audit management, nonconformance tracking, corrective action, and employee training. However, more comprehensive QMS solutions will encompass critical processes like supplier quality, life sciences compliance and risk management.

Customer Stories

Hexagon Live Keynote

Hear ETQ’s CEO on Why Quality Matters. Learn how Kimberly-Clark and Wabtec standardized and integrated quality processes and achieved significant financial benefits

Increase manufacturing efficiencies, lower costs, and accelerate products to market