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Hexagon to Acquire ETQ


Smart Manufacturing starts with holistic quality data

Hexagon acquires ETQ to meet the Smart Manufacturing promise of building an integrated digital connection to bridge the data gap between product quality control (QC) and in-process quality assurance (QA).

Learn how closing these gaps will boost product quality immediately.

An integrated environment between Hexagon & ETQ:  1+1 =3

Two best-in-class solutions combined to give your organization’s manufacturing process the efficiencies, intelligence, and flexibility to meet the demands of industry 4.0.


Improve end-product quality, speed new product introduction, make smart manufacturing a reality

  • Drive quality initiatives in manufacturing further upstream in design, engineering and supply chain management processes to initiate a cycle of sustainable continuous improvement
  • Reduce waste, scrap, rework, warranty and recall costs
  • Speed up new product introduction cycles; respond faster and smarter to market and business changes
  • Minimize risk in product releases by automatically preventing product releases if issues are found
  • Prevent poor data quality by aligning with existing data in external systems such as product, supplier, customer and partner systems
  • Shorten your inventory cycles by automatically releasing products put on hold in your production system when the appropriate investigation and release phases have been completed
  • Improve communication and collaboration, not only within the manufacturing/production environment, but across the value chain
  • Seamlessly integrate with other enterprise business systems


Hexagon and ETQ in action: A manufacturing use case

Hexagon’s quality control solution can identify a nonconformance from, for example, the Production Part Approval Process, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, or customer feedback, at which point the digital connection between the manufacturing solution and the QMS autonomously generates a nonconformance report(NCR) without human intervention.

Wabtec Case Study

Learn how Wabtec integrated quality control with Reliance

Wabtec Uses ETQ Reliance to cut total quality costs by 35%.

Wabtec integrates quality control with quality management to provide shop floor insights and streamline on-time delivery.

Manufacturers in a range of industries – automotive, life sciences, heavy manufacturing and beyond – will derive immediate value from the integrated data thanks to higher product quality and fewer defects, scrap, rework or recalls. As the Smart Manufacturing environment evolves, this level of data-driven automation and integration will deliver the ability to maximize the quality and efficiency of the complete manufacturing lifecycle and create the foundation for autonomous manufacturing and true digital transformation.

Rob Gremley, CEO of ETQ
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Consumers perceive quality based on their experience. It is the manufacturer’s brand reputation, it can add significant value to a product, and it combines every aspect of the product lifecycle. Our customers trust our solutions to connect the shop floor to the top floor with pervasive quality assurance, and this new addition to our ecosystem will further support their journey towards Industry 4.0.

Paolo Guglielmini, President of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division
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