etq customer conference

Quality Vision at HxGN LIVE 2023

ETQ Customer Conference

June 12th – 15th, 2023

We are excited to announce that the ETQ Customer Conference will be part of Hexagon Live, at Caesar’s Forum June 12-15 in Las Vegas, NV! We’re excited to announce our session topics this year, listed below. We cannot wait to see everyone in Las Vegas – for the first time in-person since 2020!

Registration is now open! Early bird conference pricing will be $799, with live, in-person training on Monday, June 12th at a cost of $750. Full agenda to come! Please note session are subject to change.

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Quality Vision at Hexagon Live Session Topics

Quality Now

Analyst session
Learn how industry experts from leading analyst firms think about the trends and issues in the quality and safety market today and in the near future.

Investing in a Recession – ROI
The need for great quality doesn’t diminish when economic weather gets choppy. In fact, it’s an opportunity!. Find how to maintain your quality resiliency in the face of market, regulatory and economic change.

PwC Data Harmonization
Quality data is the digital highway that connects all aspects and systems of your quality management program – from people to process to technology. Data harmonized systems allow you to make better decisions, faster with more impact on cost and risk.

How ETQ works with Hexagon solutions
The ETQ/Hexagon combination delivers a unique ecosystem that gives you the control, insight and agility required to optimize your complete product lifecycle to accelerate time to market, capture more market share and keep customers loyal.

Your Quality Journey

Innovation Award
Always a favorite! Join us to hear from your peers and see how they have adapted Reliance to create new quality and safety capabilities that drive business value.

Culture of Quality
A Culture of Quality isn’t just “nice to have.” It’s the center of gravity for programs that protect your organization’s brand reputation and drive down the cost of poor quality. Learn the characteristics of an impactful culture in this session.

Quality Journey Panel
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Though not every organization starts off the same, their quality paths always lead to better quality, lower cost, more control and better visibility. Here your peers share share how you how to progress on your quality journey wherever you are.

Increasingly, quality is a global game so systems harmonization is critical to ensure standard outcomes across a range of locations and products. Hear how major manufacturers rely on harmonized QMS environments that allow them to deliver consistent product quality and deep visibility across dispersed systems.

ETQ Keynotes

CEO keynote & Meet the Execs
Welcome Vick Vaishnavi, ETQ’s new CEO, and some new faces on our exec team to get an important look into the future of QMS, EHS and ETQ.

CTO/CPO Keynote
Hear from John Taylor, CTO, and Jamie Fernandes, CPO, to learn what’s new in Reliance and what we’re planning on the roadmap.

Using Reliance to its Fullest

Managing Noncomformances
Unmanaged nonconformances can cripple your manufacturing process. Reliance’s industry-leading portfolio of QMS capabilities are designed to optimize the complete product lifecycle.

Supply Chain Customer Panel
Research shows that organizations with optimal supply chains have above average growth and margins. Learn how to manage your suppliers to build superior quality and business benefit.

Safety Customer Panel
Employee safety is mission critical to most companies but safety incidents can also be a source of critical business disruption. Learn how to build a safety culture that protects people and processes equally.

Life sciences customer panel
In a dynamic regulatory environment, automating quality management to maintain compliance, quality and safety is a given. Learn from these life science pros, as they discuss their quality challenges, solutions and results.

Training Management
A properly trained workforce enables every organization to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world. An automated training management system ensure that your team is ready to handle whatever challenges arise today and in the future.

New Product Introduction, with a Focus on FMEA
A world class New Product Introduction solution must include the ability to help you meet the latest regulatory and corporate standards. We’ll look closely at the NPI process with an emphasis on deploying a comprehensive FMEA solution (which is not just for automotive anymore) to keep your manufacturing process agile and compliant.

Tips and Tricks
The ETQ user conference experience isn’t complete without learning a few “Tips & Tricks” to boost your Quality Champion credentials. Step up your QMS game here!

Siloed systems are the enemy of great quality and an impediment to creating an agile, data driven manufacturing ecosystem. Learn how integrating Reliance with other enterprise software platforms can yield exponential improvements in quality, visibility and financial performance.



Level up your Reliance knowledge with our training sessions:

  • Hands-On Administration
    • Overview of Administration Center and system settings in Reliance. Walkthrough of configuration promotion process as well as tools to help optimize system performance.
    • Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of ETQ Reliance, completion of ETQ Ambassador Certification in Academy
  • ETQ Designer Fundamentals
    • Showcasing what can be achieved in ETQ Designer without the need for deep technical skill. Leveraging configuration capabilities to create and modify forms, workflows, and user views. Using features such as Visibility Rules and Expression Builder for code-free automation.
    • Prerequisite: Basic Knowledge of ETQ Reliance, completion of Basic Designer Certification in Academy
  • Foundational ETQScript
    • Introduction to ETQScript for those new to scripting. Review of common use cases (ex: defaulting values, conditional workflow assignments) as well as tips and tricks to help troubleshoot errors.
    • Prerequisite: Experience configuring applications in ETQ Reliance, basic experience with coding/scripting, completion of Intermediate Designer Certification in Academy
  • Advanced ETQScript
    • Covers advanced ETQScript topics such as use of Task and ETQScript Profiles, leveraging Data Access Objects (DAO) in script, and advanced view configuration. Will also include best practices to ensure advanced scripts don’t negatively impact system performance.
    • Prerequisite: Deep experience configuring application in ETQ Reliance, intermediate to advanced experience with coding/scripting, completion of Intermediate Designer Certification in Academy
  • 3rd Party Integrations with Web Services
    • Review benefits of leveraging JSON Web Services. Walkthrough of set up process for 3rd party integrations and how to leverage script for ‘smart’ integrations
    • Prerequisites: Deep experience configuring applications in Reliance, intermediate experience with scripting, completion of Intermediate Designer Certification in Academy

We can’t wait to see you!