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QMS for the Automotive Industry

Because their safety relies on your quality

Automated, configurable quality processes drive excellence and efficiency in the automotive industry — because lives are at stake.

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Safeguarding trusted brands around the world

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Safety & compliance software

Avoid any bumps in the road to market

Accelerate time-to-market with consistent, efficient and automated QMS procedures that deliver:

  • Real-time visibility
  • In-depth performance metrics
Corrective Action Plan

A common quality standard

Building trust—it’s a long road  

Maintain brand value thanks to an automated QMS:

  • Identify, fix and record supplier-related quality issues—reduce costly outcomes
  • Standardize overall operations— increase quality

Our mission is to deliver optimal quality that creates benefits for top- and bottom-line financials and global growth. ETQ Reliance gives customer the power to:

Increase Decision Velocity

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Improve decision velocity by delivering trusted prescriptive and predictive information using analytics, automation, and AI

Drive Compliance at Scale

Efficiently meet changing regulatory, compliance, customer, and market requirements at scale

Improve Supplier Quality

Improve supplier quality to ensure positive business impact and enhanced customer loyalty

Reduce Cost of Quality

Reduce cost of quality to minimize business disruption, brand risk, and revenue impact

Accelerate Time to Market

Accelerate time to market by optimizing the product life cycle

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Case study

General Motors

ETQ Reliance boosts GM’s continuous improvement with fast, efficient EHS compliance.

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Case study

Cooper Tire

The flexibility of ETQ’s software enabled Cooper Tire to build a user-friendly QMS solution that met their business needs exactly.

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