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Regulatory Compliance Solution

Compliance at Scale

ETQ Reliance helps you efficiently meet changing regulatory, compliance, customer and market requirements at scale.    

The challenge to effectively adhere to all regulatory requirements, increased audit findings due to non-compliance or the struggle to adapt quickly to market and business changes can lead to loss of revenue, fines or production shutdown.

By delivering greater visibility across the product lifecycle, ETQ Reliance empowers customers to make more effective decisions and adapt their quality processes more quickly. Customers stay audit-ready at all times and more readily comply with all regulatory requirements, like ISO, OSHA, NSPA and EPA.

ETQ Reliance regulatory compliance solution 

  • Adapt quickly to changes with more effective decisions faster
  • Improve profit margin
  • Be audit-ready
  • More effectively comply with all regulatory requirements – ISO, OSHA, NSPA, EPA and more
  • Reduce compliance findings
With ETQ Reliance we achieved very big improvements in our customer complaints process across all sites, so sites stay in compliance.
Mina Gavrilova, Quality Manager, Huvepharma
Using QMS to help Identifying risk

Audit readiness

Adapt swiftly to market changes, minimize audit findings, and comply with regulations

  • Boost revenue and margin
  • Minimize audit findings due to non-compliance
  • Better adhere to all global regulatory requirements
  • Mitigate risk of shut down, fines or legal consequences

Foster continuous improvement with compliance at scale ETQ Reliance® Capabilities

Real-time data reporting

Real-time data reporting provides accessible data and automated reports for just-in-time reporting 

Configurable alerts

Configurable alerts delivered across multiple channels for increased visibility to changes

Business Process Analytics

Business Process Analytics (BI, Visualization, Reporting) are available in rich domain/process-specific dashboards

Complete validation package

Complete validation package validates materials for all apps

Show measurable improvement with ETQ Reliance regulatory compliance solution 

Cooper Tires drives compliance productivity with ETQ Reliance

Compliance ETQ Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires implemented ETQ Reliance across all its facilities to address the quality challenges inherent in a geographically dispersed manufacturing setup and cut its audit administration time by 80%.

The company shifted its strategic priorities and moved from a supplier of aftermarket replacement tires to delivering products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) which required conformance to the IATF 16949 standard.

Fujifilm achives goal of one scalable compliance solution

Compliance ETQ Fujifilm

Fujifilm standardized on ETQ Reliance to create one scalable QMS for all compliance needs and lowered administration time from 1500 hours to 750 hours annually, while reducing overall maintenance agreements by $60,000 per year.

Avanos automates quality for MDSAP compliance

Compliance ETQ Avanos

Avanos replaced outdated paper-based audit processes which enabled its MDSAP compliance across several global geographies. The increased visibility and cost reductions achieved a 315% ROI on its QMS investment.

Compliance ETQ Cooper Tires
Compliance ETQ Fujifilm
Compliance ETQ Avanos

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ETQ Reliance helps you to efficiently meet changing regulatory, compliance, customer, and market requirements at scale

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