Supplier Quality Software

Supplier quality
means product quality

As a quality champion, the ability to proactively monitor and manage all supply chain components—therefore ensuring superior supplier quality—is key to achieving your goal of flawless products and sterling brand reputation for your organization. The ETQ Reliance® Supply Chain Quality software application set is composed of 4 apps:

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Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

The ETQ Reliance PPAP application helps companies drive efficiency and reduce risk within their organization because it allows them to:

  • Evaluate the components and subsystems received from suppliers
  • Establish clear design specifications for suppliers
  • Monitor supplier compliance with these standards

ETQ Reliance QMS software designed with agility in mind

"One of the key requirements when we bought ETQ was that we could use it for supplier management. Our supplier quality engineering group is extremely happy with ETQ." - Steve Bergeron, Cree Corporation

ETQ Reliance Supply Chain Quality management system with lady working with receiving and inspection application on ipad

Receiving and Inspection

Giving companies better control over their suppliers’ inputs—key to the quality of the end product—is the main goal of ETQ Reliance’s Receiving and Inspection application.

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Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)

Several scenarios may warrant SCAR (e.g. nonconforming material, missed or delayed delivery, investigation of a customer complaint, etc.).

Using the same corrective action procedures that are used internally, ETQ Reliance’s SCAR app enables organizations to identify, fix and record quality issues traced back to suppliers. These procedures may include: root cause analysis, corrective action plans and verification checks via risk analysis.

ETQ Reliance Supplier Rating shown on tablet

Supplier Rating

By building comprehensive supplier scorecards, based on quantitative and qualitative supplier quality rating information on up to five dimensions of performance, your organization can measure, evaluate and improve supplier performance to make informed future sourcing decisions.


Real-world supply chain quality management

Business impacts & challenges

Challenges and benefits of improving supply chain quality. Hear insights and examples from quality champions.

How can this application set
contribute to your quality process?

Boost supply chain visibility

Prevent supplier quality issues before they occur. Include suppliers directly into your product lifecycle.

Maximize rich supplier data

Eliminate data silos by maximizing efficient supplier communication during: production, post-production, supplier audit processes.

Reduce poor supplier quality costs

From customer complaints to recalls and warranty claims—understand and mitigate the consequences and true costs of poor product quality.

Reach your market faster

Build and maintain a dynamic global supply chain. Develop strong supplier relationships. Increase your trust in suppliers and their performance on your behalf.

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