Corrective Action (CAPA) Software (CAPA Program)

Glitches happen.
Make sure they don’t
happen again.

CAPA Software — it’s what drives continuous improvement. Define, address and manage the root cause of a problem to prevent future issues. By knowing the true roots of any nonconformance, your organization will be able to inject quality steps further upstream in the product lifecycle, hopefully as early as initial product design. A solid CAPA program will ensure better product quality, safety and overall compliance.

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Complete visibility and analysis

Take corrective actions by quickly discovering the root cause of an issue and implementing a resolution plan.

Increase efficiency and productivity thanks to ETQ Reliance’s real-time operational dashboards that offer a thorough analysis of negative quality events, thereby eliminating overlapping quality issues and accelerating resolution.

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ETQ Reliance CAPA Corrective and preventative action with corrective action process quality
ETQ CAPA program complete visibility with real-time operational dashboards
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Continuous improvement

ETQ Reliance’s® Corrective Action enables all stakeholders to collaborate on systemic issues to effectively address, manage and resolve issues quickly to maintain a high level of overall quality.

A solid CAPA program lays a foundation for effective root cause analysis and timely implementation, CAPA software and procedures play a key role in regulatory compliance and in the prevention of recurring quality issues.

Corrective Action Toolkit

Root Cause Analysis Checklist

Reliance’s CAPA software incorporates the proven tools of our Root Cause Analysis Toolkit to enable you to improve quality in a structured and data-driven way. By knowing the true roots of any nonconformance, your organization will be able to inject quality steps further upstream in the product lifecycle, hopefully as early as initial product design. The Root Cause Analysis Toolkit gives you templates and guidance for using industry-standard tools such as:

  • Fishbone Diagrams
  • Pareto Charts
  • 5 Whys Analysis
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Address recurring quality issues

ETQ Reliance’s CAPA software app integrates with other apps such as Audit Management and Life Sciences Compliance.

Whatever the issue—nonconformance, customer complaint or audit finding—a corrective action can be launched from the appropriate app, guaranteeing process and global reporting uniformity as well as safeguarding compliance, customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

ETQ Reliance Corrective Action Application allows users to prioritize, filter, track and execute corrective actions automatically

Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)

ETQ Reliance Supplier Corrective Action allows you to manage external SCARs.

Continuous improvement

ETQ Reliance allows all stakeholders to collaborate on systemic or recurring issues, and resolve them using a process-based approach.

Risk analysis

Drive long-term risk mitigation and improvement thanks to ETQ Reliance’s Risk Management app that allows you to measure, calculate and track risk.

Analysis and reporting

Real-time dashboards provide complete advanced analytics—collect and analyze all your quality-related data.

Guide book

Is Your Corrective Action Process Blocking Continuous Improvement

For companies struggling to keep up with constantly evolving regulations and standards, corrective action can stand in the way of continuous improvement.

What do clients have to say
about ETQ Reliance?

Since adopting Reliance, Polaris has seen a significant increase in QMS user participation. Also, key KPIs are improving —a 50% reduction in CAPA resolution time and a 40% reduction in document revision time.

J.D. Pickett
Manager of quality and operational excellence, POLARIS
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