Audits Management Application

Always audit ready

Everyday. From any location, offline or online. Stress free. You are in complete control of your compliance processes and audit prep is a breeze.

ETQ Reliance Quality Audit management with girl performing audit in warehouse with audit software on ipad for compliance audit

Streamlined Audit Management

The ETQ Reliance® Audit Management application puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to manage the entire audit process…planning, execution, approval and reporting.

ETQ Reliance quality audit checklist for quality audits and compliance audits

What do clients have to say
about ETQ Reliance?

Other systems could take a good year to get familiar with…We wanted something that users could springboard off of right from the get-go and we found that Reliance solutions would do that.

Randy Domingo
Head of Quality, DiscGenics
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Quality audit management team working with ETQ Reliance audit system for compliance audit

Configurable quality audits

From questions, to audit checklists and scoring methods, you can align Audit Management with your internal processes, making it easier to get everyone on board. 

Create audit management plans with multiple audits throughout the year; define quality audit and auditor profiles with integrated checklists and question data based on keywords.

Generate comprehensive reports for all quality audits and distribute to team members.

ETQ Reliance quality audit management application for compliance audit with quality managers

Audit readiness

What if an audit management application enabled you to build a comprehensive audit management plan that tracked the progress of your audit checklist from start to finish, while offering complete visibility and control over your auditing process

Configure workflows to match your internal processes, improving both your compliance audit and internal audit readiness.

ETQ Reliance Audit Management
offers even more
to get you audit-ready

Consolidate audit components

Preparing for an audit is challenging; being able to access all audit components from anywhere in a single centralized location makes life easier. Say goodbye to inefficient and error prone manual audits.

Act on quality audit findings

Chart, review and act using built-in, comprehensive reporting. Whether launching an investigation or a corrective action from an audit finding, or initiating a change, do so directly from the audit record.

Reduce audit-related stress

Create configured workflows and profiles to manage and track your quality audits. Be prepared for an audit while working remotely so no matter where you are, your data is always available. The ETQ Reliance mobile app even lets you manage the audit from any device.

Flexible audit management

Whether you’re managing multiple external or internal audits, configure and execute specific checklists with questions for each one.

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