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Audit Management Software

Always audit ready

Everyday. From any location, offline or online. Stress free. You are in complete control of your compliance processes and quality audit prep is a breeze.

Preparing for an audit is challenging; being able to access all audit components from anywhere in a single centralized location makes life easier.

Whether you’re managing multiple external or internal audits, ETQ Reliance audit management software allows you to configure and execute specific checklists with questions for each one. 

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Streamlined Audit Management

The ETQ Reliance® Audit Management software application puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to manage the entire quality audit process…planning, execution, approval and reporting.

Quality and supplier audits are a critical part of continuous improvement for any organization. While this has been true for decades, audits are even more critical as quality transitions from merely an operational compliance issue to a true strategic initiative and business differentiator.

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ETQ Reliance quality audit checklist for quality audits and compliance audits

What do clients have to say about
ETQ Reliance audit management software?

Other systems could take a good year to get familiar with…We wanted something that users could springboard off of right from the get-go and we found that Reliance solutions would do that.

Randy Domingo
Head of Quality, DiscGenics
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Configurable quality audits

From questions, to quality audit checklists and scoring methods, you can align Audit Management with your internal processes, making it easier to get everyone on board. 

Create audit management plans with multiple audits throughout the year; define quality audit and auditor profiles with integrated checklists and question data based on keywords.

With ETQ Reliance audit management software, generate comprehensive reports for all quality audits and distribute to team members.

ETQ Reliance quality audit management application for compliance audit with quality managers

Audit readiness

What if an audit management software application enabled you to build a comprehensive audit management plan that tracked the progress of your audit checklist from start to finish, while offering complete visibility and control over your auditing process

With ETQ audit management solutions, configure workflows to match your internal processes, improving both your compliance audit and internal audit readiness.

ETQ Reliance Audit Management solutions
offer even more to get you audit-ready

Consolidate audit components

Preparing for an audit is challenging; being able to access all audit components from anywhere in a single centralized location makes life easier. Say goodbye to inefficient and error prone manual audits.

Act on quality audit findings

Chart, review and act using built-in, comprehensive reporting. Whether launching an investigation or a corrective action from an audit finding, or initiating a change, do so directly from the audit record.

Reduce audit-related stress

Create configured workflows and profiles to manage and track your quality audits. Be prepared for an audit while working remotely so no matter where you are, your data is always available. The ETQ Reliance mobile app even lets you manage the audit from any device.

Flexible audit management software

Whether you’re managing multiple external or internal audits, configure and execute specific checklists with questions for each one.

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Audit Management Software FAQ Page

What is audit management software?

Manufacturers have to go through many kinds of audits. They must complete internal quality audits, regulatory audits, audits related to certifications such as ISO 9001, supplier audits, and more. Each audit involves a different process and requires various documentation. Audit management software helps you manage this process without missing any steps.

What does quality audit management software do?

Quality audit management software does two things. First, it works with your document control system to help you pull together the relevant documents for each audit type you may encounter. Second, it helps you plan for the audit by reminding you of each step in the audit process, helping you schedule inspections, meet critical deadlines, and retain your certifications.

How does audit management software help you manage the quality audit process?

A quality audit, also known as a QMS audit, investigates and verifies the overall functionality of your quality management system. In short, you need to prove that your department is improving your company’s product quality. Your audit management software can help you by assembling proof in the form of control charts, inspection results, CAPA processes, and other documentation.

What are the benefits of compliance audit software?

Audit management software helps you respond to audit requests in a thorough, timely, and semi-automated manner. It’s likely for companies to undergo several audits per year, often at the same time. Audit management software helps you assemble the documents you need and create an audit calendar to help manage all of your audits at once without getting overwhelmed.

Why is a quality audit important?

Quality audits are important because they help verify that imposing a quality management system on a manufacturing process leads to better results, like increased productivity and fewer defects. Basically, they help keep ensure continued compliance to whatever internal or external standards and regulations are appropriate.

How is audit management software better than manual audits?

Audits, in general, have a lot of moving parts, and any single error can lead to a mission failure. If you fail to inspect or submit a form by a critical deadline, you might need to repeat the whole process. Audit management software automates this process and can help you avoid this eventuality by helping you assemble and automatically fill out paperwork, collect critical documents, schedule important milestones, and track completion progress.

Is quality audit management software user-friendly?

Quality audit management software is a lot more user-friendly than scheduling and filling out the audit process by hand. At its core, quality audit software starts with clicking a dropdown menu and selecting what kind of audit you need. As much as possible, audit management solutions try to automate the rest, helping you save time and effort while managing multiple inspection processes.

Can QMS audit management software help me build an audit management plan?

Yes. Most QMS software has audit management software built-in. The idea is to make the audit process repeatable. If you’re undergoing the same audit once a year, the software helps you by reassembling the same collection of forms and documents, meaning that you only have to put in the information that’s changed over time.

Can I manage quality audits remotely?

It’s entirely possible to manage quality audits remotely. Using a cloud QMS system, all of your audit documents can be accessed from the public cloud no matter your location, and these documents can also be cached on your computer so that you can access them offline.

Does this audit management software help prepare us for ISO certification?

Yes. It shouldn’t be necessary to purchase specialized ISO audit software—most audit management software has a module that allows you to prepare specifically for the initial audit conducted as part of an ISO certification process.

What is audit software?

Audit software is any software type that lets users manage the audit process. That includes functionality, like scheduling inspections, filling out paperwork, assembling documentation, and more.

What is compliance audit software?

Compliance audit software helps companies achieve and maintain compliance with various regulations and certifications. It is designed to help fill out forms, schedule inspections, and assemble documentation.

What is the purpose of audit software?

Audit software lessens the compliance burden on quality managers, who must often undergo several audits per year. Using automation, scheduling, and integrations with other quality management applications, audit software can help streamline audit responses, allowing quality managers to focus on their core responsibilities.