Document Control Software

Quality is having all your docs
in a row

Identify, control and track all your documented processes and procedures
in a centralized and secure location with document control software

ETQ Reliance Document control with a documentation control software

A single
source of truth

ETQ Reliance’s® Document Control software allows you to manage the creation, review, distribution and archiving of all controlled documents in a centralized and controlled framework.

Whether you need to comply with ISO 9001:2015 or FDA’s GMP requirements, being in control of documents is crucial and ensuring that users have access to the currently approved version is imperative.

ETQ Reliance software for Document control on mobile phone
etq tablet document control
ETQ Reliance software for Document control with pending approvals

Case study

Herman Miller Inc. relies on automated document
control systems

Give employees and suppliers access to the data they need, including supply chain management processes.

ETQ Reliance configurable Document Control used in health industry

Configurable document control

Leverage best-practice workflows or make them your own without programming by configuring phases (steps), forms, fields and keywords for document records.

ETQ Reliance allows you to build processes for an unlimited number of record types (e.g. procedures, specifications and work instructions) and define unique workflows and routing options.

ETQ Reliance Document Control efficient collaboration teamwork

Efficient collaboration

Thanks to standard workflow functionality (e.g. defining escalation, notifications and business rules) and complete visibility across the review and approval process, you can drive every step to timely completion.

ETQ Reliance Document Control software allows you to define specific documents as required for employee training, notify users of pending training automatically, and track training completion and certification.

ETQ Reliance document control software
lets you keep all docs together

Centralize document processes

Create, import, distribute and archive all controlled documents in a centralized, secure location.

Seamlessly manage approvals

Assign documents for review and approval to a person, a group or both.

Easily initiate and handle change

Create unlimited workflows to route documents through review and approval processes. Send reminder emails automatically for upcoming or overdue assignments.

Integrate with other technologies

Easily integrate Microsoft Office® files with ETQ forms, link with ETQ Reliance Training Management and 3rd party systems.

Case study

Manitoba Harvest automates document control

Recognizing a need for an automated system to help them review, revise, file and store all documents, Manitoba Harvest planted the seeds of success with ETQ Reliance.

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