Training Management Application

Trained employees are
your first step to quality

Proper employee training is key to maintaining a culture of quality,
safety and compliance within your organization.

ETQ Reliance training management system software

Manage employee training requirements

Stay in compliance with ETQ Reliance® Training Management. The application helps you manage all employee training: simply and efficiently set-up your employee training program and courses, notify participants and track overall training status.  

Use the ETQ Insights Training Management dashboard to view completion status by employee, department, location, manager, etc.

ETQ Reliance Training Management system with course schedule

What do clients have to say
about ETQ Reliance?

The Employee Training module has been incredibly useful. We used to struggle maintaining training records for each employee in each location. Now, we have definitive access to training records that show us exactly what has been accomplished and what needs to be done in the future. This is helpful for both Cooper staff and external auditors.

Michael Fennema, Leader, Quality Systems,
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company.
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ETQ training management solution with live class

Flexible training solution

ETQ Reliance Training Management lets you design a training plan, track training events and link documents to training requirements. 

Effortlessly categorize employees, assign requirements to individual employees or groups and define training by location, occupation or group.

ETQ Insights data quality management teamwork

Visibility into employee training

ETQ Reliance’s cloud-based analytics app, ETQ Insights, allows you to analyze training and generate reports—for a 360-degree view of your employees’ training.

Configure testing based on training events and automatically update training records as soon as a requirement is met for real-time visibility into your training management system.

ETQ Reliance Training Management
simplifies employee training

Intuitive training management

ETQ Reliance Training Management optimizes onboarding, training and compliance thanks to its intuitive design.

Define training requirements

Thanks to clear training requirements on specific policies, processes and procedures, employees are notified of any changes or additions—and can be trained as required.


With deep visibility and reporting, you’ll stay audit-ready – key to maintaining compliance with ISO and other regulatory standards.


Establish critical documented training activities to ensure consistent training across all departments, locations and personas.

Case study

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