Quality and Safety Software for Manufacturing Companies

ETQ Reliance

Manufacturers are faced with more complex supply chains, as well as increased regulatory burdens

Manufacturers are faced with volatile markets subject to sweeping technological changes and short product lifespans. They need lean processes that provide flexibility, visibility and control. Supply chains are growing more complex and global, which has clear implications for product quality and time-to-market metrics that can be successfully addressed with an automated QMS.

  • Prevent or minimize product failures and recalls
  • Increase the quality and profitability of products
  • Improve customer experience and support; reduce customer complaints
  • Reduce the cost of poor quality
  • Increase the speed of innovation and new product introductions (NPI)
  • Increase the speed of current product delivery
  • Minimize risk to the company’s brand reputation

ETQ SaaS and Trust
ETQ Reliance is a (SaaS) application that offers customers a fully managed software solution that vastly reduces the technology footprint required for QMS software, and delivers an always-on, always-updated, redundant and secure software environment that scales with customers' needs.

Disconnected Processes

Manual or email-based systems result in failed audits and inspections, highercost and stress to achieve and maintain compliance, increased cost of poor quality, high rate of failures andrecalls and the inability to scale operations.


Supply Chain Quality

Without an automated QMS, manufacturers face a litany of problems as supply chains grow more complex, including higher cost of supplier defects and returns, production planning delays, slower rates of innovation and product introduction and more customer complaints.


Weak Analytics

Inhibits or prevents accurate reporting and business intelligence. Stymies insight-driven action based on quality and production data. Causes inconsistency in widely distributed production facilities.


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