ETQ Industries

ETQ Reliance is used by clients across a wide variety of industries.

Our clients are among the strongest names and biggest brands on the globe. While they may be diverse, they share several features in common. Whether they use ETQ to ensure quality and safety across your global supply chain, mitigate the risk of occupational injuries and safety incidents, integrate with PLM, ERP, CRM solutions, or drive operational excellence through continuous improvement they perceive all quality as critical to business transformation and are fanatical about brand reputation.

Quality Management Software

A QMS software platform provides a centralized means of managing and tracking your Quality Management System (QMS).

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Rising production and supply chain complexity equal more opportunities for quality escapes in the aerospace industry. The result is increased risk of product safety issues, recalls and unplanned downtime—and the reputation damage that follows.

Digital transformation focused on a flexible, workflow-based quality system empowers manufacturers to mitigate risks and meet growing demand while complying with standards like AS 9100 and ISO 9001.

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Chemicals & AgroSciences

Widespread M&A activity combined with evolving chemical regulations requires managing an overwhelming number of requirements in order to bring products to market. Speed of innovation demands lean, agile processes that enable companies to adapt quickly to market changes.

Automated quality and safety systems unlock digital quality transformation that propels companies forward and ensures compliance with EPA, OSHA, REACH and ISO requirements.

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Commercial Aviation

Lack of big-picture visibility into safety in aviation companies allows hidden risks to threaten passengers, employees and public perception of the industry as a whole. Addressing pervasive hazards has become a strategic imperative for companies focused on risk management.

Enterprise SMS automation connects the dots across multiple processes and global sites, helping manage risk while maintaining strict compliance with OSHA and FAA regulations.

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Consumer Goods

In the age of social media, quality has become do-or-die for consumer goods companies. News of quality failures spreads fast, capable of killing a product launch and inflicting serious damage on a company’s bottom line.

Building customer loyalty requires consistent quality throughout the supply chain. Enterprise QMS automation reduces quality risks and provides a centralized platform for managing suppliers and ensuring compliance with product regulations and standards like ISO 9001.

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Electronics and Appliances

Quality risks are growing for electronics and appliances companies faced with increasing consumer expectations, shrinking product lifecycles and an expanded network of global suppliers.

An automated QMS provides a competitive advantage by protecting key customer relationships and streamlining compliance with ISO 9001 and RoHS requirements.

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Energy & Utilities

Energy and utilities organizations must get by on a limited set of resources, creating conditions that put customers and solo workers at risk.

Automated safety and quality systems change the equation, so utilities can protect employees, standardize equipment maintenance and close the gap on EPA and OSHA compliance.

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Food & Beverage

Contamination issues and recalls put the food and beverage industry under a harsh spotlight daily. Companies are frequently called to account for quality and supply chain management processes, and face consequences that range from reputational damage to jail time.

An automated food safety management system (FSMS) helps minimize food safety risks and improve traceability, visibility and compliance with FSMA, HACCP and ISO 22000.

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General Manufacturing

Market fluctuations and geopolitical uncertainty make reducing quality and safety costs crucial to survival for today’s manufacturers. Complex global supply chains also impact quality and time to market, creating traceability nightmares that mean more—and more expensive—recalls.

Tackling these risks and reaping the rewards of Industry 4.0 requires an automated quality system that provides flexibility and control, providing a reliable framework for OSHA, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 compliance.

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Life Sciences & Pharma

Extended supply chains, increasing reliance on contract manufacturers and the prevalence of counterfeit drugs all add up to big risks for life sciences companies and patients.

Digital transformation of quality systems provides a business advantage by protecting patients, helping bring products to market faster and ensuring rigorous compliance with global regulations and ISO standards.

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Manufacturing Services

Customer satisfaction is mission-critical in the manufacturing services industry. OEMs demand ever-increasing levels of quality and efficiency, while competitors stand ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

QMS automation helps keep quality risks under control, enabling greater process standardization and efficiency while simplifying compliance with customer, regulatory and ISO 9001 requirements.

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Medical Device & Diagnostics

Product quality determines success for medical device manufacturers, with patient safety and brand reputation at stake every day. Companies must balance innovation with compliance, making speed, accuracy of reporting and traceability critical to survival.

An automated QMS provides strategic risk reduction, helping manage the complexity of new product introduction as well as FDA, MDR, MDSAP and ISO 13485 compliance.

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Services, 3PL & Distribution

Competition is fierce in logistics and distribution, with digitally enabled companies pulling further ahead every day. And while delivery timelines are tighter than ever, companies can’t afford to let safety take a back seat.

Enterprise EHS automation helps companies reduce safety risks and boost operational efficiency, simplifying compliance with OSHA, DOT, and ISO requirements.

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Metals & Mining

Keeping workers safe is an unrelenting job in the hazardous world of mining and metals. The human and financial cost of safety is a top concern for companies grappling with challenges around public perception and market shifts.

Automated EHS management helps companies maintain compliance with OSHA, EPA and ISO requirements, protecting workers and the environment for more sustainable operations overall.

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Wood, Paper, & Furniture

Constantly evolving product regulations coupled with hazardous manufacturing environments create alarming levels of risk for wood, paper and furniture companies.

EHS and QMS automation provides a flexible platform built on best practices to reduce RoHS, REACH, OSHA and ISO compliance risks for safer, more reliable performance.

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