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Ease compliance with initiatives such as HACCP/HARCP, ISO 22000 and SQF with EtQ’s solution for food safety compliance.

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HACCP Software by EtQ

Food Safety Compliance Management Systems by EtQ

In response to the growing need for an effective Food Safety Software system, there has been an increase in regulations within the food and beverage industry. Recent food related events over the past few years have led regulatory bodies like the FDA to examine not only their internal processes but also set forth standards and initiatives to make the food production process safer. Major food retailers are now requiring that their suppliers adhere to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) initiative, as well as other food safety regulations such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, ISO 22000, the British Retail Consortium (BRC), and the International Food Standard (IFS). This is due to the increase in safety regulations in the Food and Beverage industry, which has resulted in a higher demand for suppliers to demonstrate that they have incorporated safety and quality initiatives into their food production processes. An increasing number of major food retailers will only accept products from suppliers who can demonstrate these food safety and quality principles.

EtQ's Quality Management Software (QMS) for food and beverage is a flexible software package that guides organizations through compliance with the ISO 22000 standard, as well as the Global Food Safety Initiative's (GFSI) benchmarked schemes, HACCP/HARPC, SQF, BRC, and IFS. HACCP/HARPC involves identifying hazards within the quality system and controlling them through prerequisite programs (PRPs) and/or Critical Control Points (CCPs) in the food production and preparation process. ISO 22000 guides the HACCP/HARPC process and incorporates it into its standard, and SQF incorporates both HACCP/HARPC and ISO processes into its certification standard. Both the BRC and IFS standards incorporate HACCP/HARPC into their requirements. EtQ's QMS Software has a robust set of modules to streamline these processes and procedures. Our Web browser-based system helps you through the full lifecycle of achieving and maintaining HACCP/HARPC, ISO 22000, SQF, BRC, and IFS compliance. With EtQ, all the information related to Food Safety compliance is easy to input, access, and report on.

Change Management, Corrective Action, Audit Management, Employee Training, and Risk Assessment are just some of the dozens of processes EtQ's Quality Management System streamlines and simplifies for HACCP/HARPC, SQF, BRC, IFS, and ISO 22000 compliance.

Since implementing EtQ Reliance, Carolina Beverage’s initial challenges have been effectively addressed. They now have almost all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) housed within the EtQ system and have removed all uncontrolled copies from their file server.

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Prerequisite Programs, ISO 22000, and GFSI Benchmarked Schemes

A strong HACCP/HARPC software program is built on PRPs and guided by the ISO 22000 standard. The following steps are needed in order to successfully implement HACCP/HARPC:

Establish PRPs

PRPs incorporate the generic procedures - such as Sanitization Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that must be taken into account to ensure a safe and hygienic workplace. These describe the proper hygienic practices needed to create a safe environment. PRPs set the foundation for a strong Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plan and range from facility management to pest control, to environmental considerations and beyond. PRPs also define control measures to ensure a safe environment in the food chain.

Establish your HACCP/HARPC Plan

A HACCP/HARPC plan is a document describing the procedures you need to follow to establish safety in the product. You will need a HACCP/HARPC plan for each product in which your hazard analysis indicates that a significant risk is associated. To begin to establish your HACCP/HARPC plan you must first apply and follow the preliminary steps. You will then apply the seven HACCP/HARPC principles. The management standard ISO 22000 guides you in this process, as it includes HACCP/HARPC processes in its standard.

Compliance with ISO 22000

ISO 22000 incorporates Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points into its standard and helps guide the HACCP/HARPC process. An automated QMS system with a robust set of modules will streamline business processes, reducing compliance costs and risk, while dramatically enhancing ISO 22000 compliance. This results in the effective mitigation of the cost and compliance risk associated with manual systems.


The SQF certification standard adds an extra layer of compliance for the Food and Beverage industry. SQF is the most prominent food safety standard that incorporates both safety and quality.

BRC is a standard for retail compliance, which requires components such as a HACCP/HARPC system, Corrective and Preventive Action, and Employee Training. IFS is an international standard that helps retailers qualify and select suppliers. Requirements include record-keeping procedures and a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system.

Through the implementation of PRPs, preliminary steps and principles throughout a HACCP/HARPC plan, and adherence to the ISO 22000 food safety management standard and SQF, BRC and IFS, food chain stakeholders can demonstrate their system is functioning at the highest ability to produce a safe and high quality product for the customer while reducing risk.

HACCP Software

EtQ's Quality Management Software has been pre-configured to specifically address the requirements of ISO 22000, HACCP/HARPC, SQF, BRC, and IFS processes. EtQ's unique modular approach provides unparalleled flexibility and automation. The modules are tightly integrated to deliver a best-in-class solution for the Food and Beverage industry - ensuring safety from farm to fork.

The EtQ Reliance HACCP Software solution is configurable to meet your unique needs, and is revision controlled, so you can continuously audit your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plans and update them to meet your compliance needs.

Food Safety and Food Quality down the Supply Chain

EtQ's supplier management software is designed to provide unparalleled visibility into supplier quality and supplier safety. Through EtQ, organizations can review their suppliers' quality systems and incorporate suppliers into corrective actions from their business processes. Furthermore, this visibility allows organizations to rate and review their suppliers, selecting only those suppliers who best adhere to your food safety and food quality software initiatives. Similarly, it allows supplier to review their rating and take action to improve compliance and become a preferred vendor for the organization. This concept of automated supplier collaboration through food safety systems provides a high level of visibility into supply chain quality, faster collaboration on quality and safety events with suppliers and continuous improvement through use of supplier rating systems.

Connected to the Production Systems with Food Safety

EtQ Connectors close the gap between production systems and the QMS system. Modules, such as nonconformance, corrective action software and audit management connect to production systems to fully automate the process of identifying potential hazards and events within your HACCP/HARPC plan, without the need for additional software to bridge the gap. Production systems can then be automatically updated throughout the process of managing the quality and safety system.

  • Automatic segregation and categorization of events at the source
  • Automatic identification and display of related events
  • Built-in risk assessment software
  • Initial assessment to allow early closure
  • Risk Assessment throughout the process to guide decision making
  • Full investigation with step-by-step root cause analysis
  • Automatic lookup and display of related investigations and corrective actions
  • Comprehensive corrective action and effectiveness check plan with risk mitigation history

Closed-Loop Corrective Action

EtQ's Quality Management System for HACCP/HARPC, ISO 22000, SQF, BRC, and IFS compliance is pre-configured to initiate various post-CAPA processes, including electronic distribution of corrective action results, document control and employee training.

For food safety management, the ability to mitigate risk within your processes is critical to compliance. Using EtQ's Reliance HACCP software solution, you can map out your food safety process and build controls and risk mitigation at each step. For any process that is a critical control point, you can automatically link the HACCP Software solution plans to corrective action or other adverse event management.

This integration of HACCP to other processes helps to foster the concept of a closed-loop corrective action process; you are able to link adverse events from audits, HACCP or other events to the corrective action process. From corrective action, you can build action plans, investigate the root cause and verify effectiveness. Part of the closed-loop corrective action process is effecting change. From the corrective action, you are able to generate change management activities to impact your HACCP program with changes and updates.

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