Document Control Software

Document Control Software

An organization’s documents typically encompass information for processes and procedures. To properly maintain this information and ensure it remains up to date, you need a standard process for managing all documents. Eliminate the paper chase for more efficient document management with EtQ’s Document Control solution.

Document Control Software

EtQ's Document Control Software Systems allows you to manage the creation, approval, distribution and archiving of all controlled documents. Document Control Software is ready-to-use for such document types as manuals, procedures, work instructions, forms, job descriptions, product specifications, inspection specifications, test methods, and much more. Additional document types and templates for each document type can be added without programming.

You can even use your current documents that are in any MS office application (i.e., MS Word). EtQ's Microsoft Office Integration Tool allows you to easily manage and integrate Microsoft Office® files with EtQ forms. Document Control Software comes complete with an Archive Database.

Document Control Software is just one of the dozens of processes EtQ's Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), and Compliance Management Software streamlines and simplifies. EtQ's Quality, EHS and Compliance Management Software System lets you take full advantage of the familiarity that most of your users already have with a Web browser by providing an interface with which they are already comfortable and productive. Other modules include: Employee Training Software, Change Management, Corrective Action (CAPA) Software, and more!

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Import/Create New Documents in Document Control Software

  • Central repository for controlled documents
  • Many workflows configured out of the box for various document types such as policies, procedures, specifications, etc.
  • Import existing documents, including meta data and attachments, to expedite implementation
  • Linking related documents together
  • Reference documents from other EtQ modules
  • Integration with Microsoft Office to synchronize revision and approval information automatically
  • Integrate with 3rd party document repositories (e.g. Open Text, Documentum and others)
  • Automatic sequential numbering with dynamic prefix and suffix, or use manual numbering

Route for Review & Approval in Document Control Software

  • Intuitive workflow display to show document status
  • Assign documents to individuals, groups or roles
  • Multiple routing options: Parallel, Sequential, Voting
  • Conditional routing options to accommodate complex business processes
  • Automatically send reminder notifications to assigned users and escalate to their managers

Release & Distribute in Document Control Software

  • Electronic distribution of released documents
  • Record and display electronic signature of approvers
  • Automatic conversion to PDF
  • Hard copy distribution tracking
  • Online access to released documents using views and search queries
  • Full text search of meta data and attachments

Train User in Document Control Software

  • Full integration with EtQ's Training Management Software application
  • Add documents as new training requirements and automatically update when new revisions are released
  • Notify affected individuals of new requirements
  • Satisfy training requirements by self-training or by attending scheduled courses
  • Various reports and views to track complete and incomplete training

Perform Reviews & Initiate Change Control

  • Automate the periodic review of released documents
  • Change request approval process
  • Change request on multiple related documents at once
  • Automatic archiving of old revisions
  • Restore archived documents
  • Drag & Drop configuration using EtQ Designer in EtQ Reliance
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