Calibration Management Software

Calibration Tracking Software - Equipment Calibration Software

Schedule and record the results of all your calibration activities and costs. Quick reports and automatic notifications indicate when equipment is due for calibration.

Calibration Software & Calibration Management Software

Calibration Management Software

EtQ's calibration management software is designed to schedule and record the results of all your calibration activities and costs. Each piece of equipment can be scheduled independently and easy-to-read reports and automatic notifications indicate when equipment is due for calibration. R&R studies can also be done quickly and uniformly. Preventive maintenance is an intuitive, easy and effective way of recording and tracking equipment that requires preventive and reactive maintenance/calibration. Complete with work orders, calibration management software is easy and powerful, minimizing operator input during normal and repair operations.

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Any company seeking compliance to current quality standards (ISO 9001, 14001 or other standards) must record their assets and adopt a measurement and calibration system that helps adequately control the production and inspection of products. The EtQ Reliance assets, calibration and maintenance software module is purpose-built to keep records of all parts and assets, and to effectively manage and control equipment calibration assets and calibration schedules, as well as any statistical methods that help in collecting and analyzing data pertaining to the measurement process.

EtQ's calibration tracking software module allows you to create calibration records, notify person(s) responsible for the calibration, and track the record to ensure that it has been completed. Once it has been completed, the calibration management software module shows actual results of the calibration (pass/fail), performs cost analysis by asset, and issues certificates to show completed calibrations.

The calibration management process involves the comparison of values taken from an inspection, a measurement, an asset test, or a gage reading against a known standard under specified conditions. Through our calibration tracking software module, you can also perform Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) studies to get statistically analyzed reports.

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Import/Create Device Profiles for Calibration Software
  • Single device/equipment profile that is used for calibration and maintenance
  • Import existing device profiles and calibration history to expedite implementation
  • Device profile includes all device information such as manufacturer information, usage area(s), etc.
  • Identify customer and employee owned devices
  • Identify if device is used as a calibration standard
  • Identify and track replacement parts
  • Automatic e-mail notification when replacement parts threshold is reached
  • Intuitive drag & drop configuration of the form, fields, workflow etc. via EtQ Designer
Define Calibration Management Software Characteristics
  • Choose if device requires maintenance, calibration or both
  • Define different characteristics for calibration, certification or validation
  • Choose from a variety of frequency options
  • Choose calibration/maintenance based on frequency or usage
  • Identify calibration done by external resources/vendors
  • Perform and record gauge R&R studies
Schedule & Complete Calibration Management Software
  • Automatically create and assign work orders
  • Assign calibration to internal and external resources
  • Record calibration results
  • Show traceability to NIST or other standards
  • Issue calibration certificates
  • Replacement parts are automatically deducted from inventory
  • Automatically escalate open work not completed on time
  • Automatic rescheduling of calibration/maintenance
Trends Reports & Certificates for Calibration Management Software
  • Automatically flag equipment found to be out of calibration
  • Automatically identify calibration trends to adjust calibration frequency
  • More than 30 reports and charts configured out of the box
Calibration Management Software Investigation
  • When equipment is found to be out of calibration, the validity of previous testing must be investigated
  • Out of calibration data will be automatically inherited into investigation
  • Dual link between calibration record and investigation
  • Automatically launch investigation action plan activities and assignments
  • Automatically lookup and display related investigations
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