ETQ Quality Vision 2021 Customer Conference Recap

By ETQ on April 15, 2021

ETQ Quality Vision 2021 is a place (a virtual place, this year) where the word’s quality leadership gather to learn what’s new and notable. This year’s event did not disappoint. With the launch of Reliance NXG, the next generation of our flagship Reliance QMS,  Innovation Award luminaries that include Corning, Syngenta and Johnson & Johnson and, of course, numerous educational breakout sessions featuring global quality leaders, ETQ Quality Vision 2021 was a can’t-miss event. And it was all available to you from the comfort of your home office!

If you were able to attend ETQ Quality Vision 2021, thank you so much! If you weren’t, you’re not out of luck—every session is still available online for your review (viewing instructions are at the end of this post). And if you’re having trouble deciding which of the many events you need to catch up on, here are the highlights!

The Big News: We Launched Reliance NXG

If you haven’t heard the news already, this is the session that you don’t want to miss. Here, ETQ CTO Morgan Palmer unveiled the latest version of ETQ’s flagship QMS, Reliance NXG. Featuring an all-new SaaS-native service model, rich technology features that make innovation even easier, and performance improvements across the board, Reliance NXG sets an industry benchmark for QMS functionality.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Reliance NXG is a fully SaaS-native service model. Backed by the power of AWS infrastructure, Reliance NXG can scale to any number of users and process a nearly infinite amount of data to best match your evolving needs.
  • ETQ is now solely responsible for patching, updating, and upgrading Reliance NXG. With three updates a year, ETQ customers will never lag in terms of new features. Meanwhile, we’re retaining our legendary focus on customer support, helping you build out any new or custom functionality you happen to need.
  • New features include AI-powered document search, user-friendly automation, and secure supplier integration. The upshot is that it will be easier than ever to navigate complex workflows and promote quality throughout your organization—reaching a higher overall level of quality without necessarily putting in a higher level of effort.

ETQ Reliance NXG effectively future-proofs your QMS and EHS environment. Given the goal of thrice yearly product updates, we’ve stopped assigning yearly version numbers. If you’re a company that considers quality to be a vital part of revenue-generating operations (and you probably do, since you’re here reading this) then you’ll recognize that this provides you with more frequent opportunities to reduce costs, generate ROI, and outcompete your competitors.

More Details on the Shift to SaaS

After learning about the top-line details of Reliance NXG and its new features, many of our customers and guests had very specific questions about how to get their hands on it. At our Day 3 session, “Migrating to Future Versions of Reliance,” CTO Morgan Palmer and Chief Customer Officer Steen Andersen were able to provide the answers.

You will be able to migrate to the new SaaS release and protect your investments in Reliance. Your configurations will move into Reliance NXG, in most cases with minimal changes required. ETQ developed the next generation of Reliance by building on the product’s proven architecture and EQMS application strengths while creating a true cloud-native multi-tenant deployment.

We want to ensure that our customers have as seamless a migration experience to the latest edition of Reliance as possible. Our Services team is available to work with you to plan your path and we expect the first group of customers will start migrating to the new release in Q4 2021.  Customers with more complex configurations will likely migrate following this initial wave. We have the tools, teams and processes in place to streamline your migration and minimize any disruptions to your quality management environment.  For those on-premise and hosted Reliance customers who are not yet ready to move to SaaS, we will continue to offer a strategic roadmap with product enhancements.

Innovation Awards and More

Finally, ETQ Quality Vision 2021 gave us an opportunity to showcase some of our largest customers and how they were able to use Reliance to their advantage. We’ll have a full blog post on the 2021 Innovation Award finalists shortly, but here’s a brief rundown:

  • Corning—maker of glass screens for smartphones—was able to showcase how it uses Reliance to streamline document control.
  • Johnson & Johnson—one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, and currently best-known for its one-shot coronavirus vaccine—demonstrated how it was able to use Reliance to standardize complaint management across its many divisions.
  • Syngenta—an agrichemical company with branches in 90 countries—used Reliance to localize its products and services, which it now offers in six languages across 3,000 users.

We hope that these companies serve as an inspiration to our other customers. They’ve used ETQ to think big, and to solve big problems. Can you do the same?

If you need more inspiration on what to do with Reliance, Quality Vision 2021 was full of even more panels to help you out. Participants could enjoy sessions on the quality customer journey, tips and tricks for Reliance power users, risk management, quality management using mobile devices, and more. All of this information is available on demand for ETQ customers. If you attended the conference, head to the conference platform and feel free to check out anything you may have missed.  If you couldn’t make it to Quality Vision 2021, you can still register here (as long as you’re a customer) and watch all of the keynote sessions, customer panels, interactive Q&A and enjoy some of the fun bits we added this year.