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ETQ Quality Vision 2021:

Looking Forward

April 6-9

The ETQ Quality Vision customer conference is going virtual in 2021!

And it’s free! In a virtual format, with no travel or registration fees, more customers will have access to the valuable product, best practice and customer sessions you’ve come to expect at our annual gathering. This year’s conference theme is “Looking Forward” — to the future of quality and quality management, overcoming new challenges and engaging with new opportunities.

And, of course, we’re mostly looking forward to connecting and reconnecting with all of you in the extensive networking and interactive sessions, as well as the “Birds of a Feather” small groups. Traditional favorites, the Innovation Awards and annual sharing the ETQ product vision and road map, are also high on the list of what we look forward to in April with all of you.


I find the customer stories very helpful. The speakers’ experience really helped to open one’s vision. I always enjoy being able to have other ETQ users to discuss technique, tips and ideas.
2020 Conference Attendee

With more than 20 product and customer sessions over the first 3 days of the event followed by 1 day of training, your team will “leave” the virtual event with fresh knowledge and insight to maximize ETQ Reliance as a business value driver and take your quality and safety programs to the next level. So, while we’ll all miss the pool side gatherings this Spring, we’ll be able to use the new virtual medium to accomplish even more than in years past. We hope you’ll join us in Looking Forward to the new world of quality.

Looking Forward to seeing you in

Looking Forward!  Take your team to a new level of excellence with 4 days of interactive sessions and training.

Knowledge for Action

Strategy and product sessions will cover roadmaps and new releases, processes and applications within ETQ Reliance and provide valuable insight on incorporating new capabilities to get the most from your ETQ solution.

Customer Best Practices and Interaction

Hear best practices and lessons learned from leading organizations across many industries. Discuss common challenges in Birds of Feather. Connect with them for information exchange.


Connect with fellow quality champions with similar challenges, or in the same industry, or the same applications or release or in your area with the interest matching in the conference platform. Meet in one of our free meeting rooms to hear about their experiences and gain valuable insights.

Connect with ETQ

Connect with your account manager, your customer success manager, executives and the product team.


Special Academy Live Trainings that will demonstrate the full flexibility of the ETQ platform and empower you to take your operations to the next level.

Build a Culture of Quality

Find out how the best quality management professionals in the business build and nurture a quality-first culture and take that insight to your organization.

ETQ Virtual Customer Conference 2021

Welcome all ETQ Quality Champions, Compliance Regulatory and Safety professionals and leaders 

Looking Forward - April 6-9, 2021 

You will learn how to get the most out of your investment in ETQ and take quality and safety to the next level with the knowledge and connections you take away from the conference. Invite your entire quailty team this year - no budget needed. It's free!

ETQ Customer Conference 2021: Looking Forward Agenda

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Morning Sessions

All session times are subject to change.

  • Welcome Keynote 
    Join ETQ CEO Rob Gremley for a review of what’s ahead at ETQ and how ETQ envisions providing you with great products and services.
    Speaker: Rob Gremley, CEO, ETQ  
  • Insights: Advanced Analytics in Reliance 
    In this session, you’ll get an in-depth look at how Insights advanced analytics delivers critical decision support for quality and safety management, including process efficiency and timeliness, compliance, benchmarking, training status, and the safety pyramid. You’ll see a demonstration of how to use Insights with ETQ Reliance 
    Speaker: Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, ETQ  

    Afternoon Sessions 

  • Integration
    This session will provide how-to guidance on some of the most common web services integration use cases. For each use case, we will provide high-level recommendations on prepping for the integration, performing configuration and testing, and ultimately deploying the integration. 
    Speaker: Stephen Fischer, Senior Implementation Consultant, ETQ 
  • New Product Introduction Application
    Learn the major new functionality planned for the New Product Introduction (NPI) application set, including new and enhanced processes for Strategic Innovation, Design Control and Post-Market Control. You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed designs. 
    Speaker: Michel Moravia, Product Manager, ETQ  
  • Customer Panel: Supplier Quality
    Join supplier quality professionals in this panel discussion to learn how supplier quality management can reduce risk and make your supply chain a competitive advantage. Hear their insights, best practices, lessons learned, and future plans, with practical tips for leveraging your QMS. 
    Speakers: Bhavin Virani, Senior Principal Consultant, ETQ, Stephen Pfister, Sr Manager – Product Management | Corporate Quality IT , Wabtec, Darrell Williams, Program Manager, Supplier Quality & Development Global Procurement & Supply Chain, Oshkosh  
  • Life Sciences Medical Device Reporting – including eMDR and Eudamed
    This session will review the upcoming changes for medical device reporting (MDR) announced by the FDA and the European Union. Topics include global harmonization trends and the overall direction for eMDR and EUDAMED, the latest target timelines for implementing the changes, and our approach to supporting these requirements. 
    Speaker: Michel Moravia, Product Manager, ETQ 
  • Training Management
    Primarily for customers who are not currently using the Training Management applicationYou will learn about key capabilities as well as implementation best practices.   We will also discuss ways to migrate your data from the previous Employee Training application.
    Speaker: Bhavin Virani, Senior Principal Consultant, ETQ 
  • Customer Panel: Safety ManagementIncidents
    Join ETQ customers in this panel discussion to learn how they use ETQ Reliance to manage safety incidents  Hear their insights, best practices, lessons learned, and future plans. 
    Speakers: Mihir More, Principal Consultant, ETQMarty Simpson, Manager, Aviation Safety Management System, Sikorsky, Dustin Lammers, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Application SH&ENutrien, Veronika Smid Dortch, IT Supervisor, R.R. Donnelley.
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Morning sessions

Note: all session times are subject to change.

  • UX/UI Best Practices 
    Join ETQ product experts to learn ETQ Reliance configurations that improve the user experience of common tasks. Includes a review of the latest industry best practices for usability design, and preview of upcoming user interface improvements in the product. 
    Speakers: Jess Robison, Principle UX/UI Designer, ETQ, Jean Kuehnel, Senior Implementation Consultant, ETQ
  • Product Vision 
    ETQ Chief Technology Officer, Morgan Palmer, lays out the vision and plans for the ETNext Gen QMS, a combination of proven and leading-edge technology to deliver new levels of usability, flexibility, visibility and scalability.
    Speaker: Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, ETQ  
  • Product Roadmap Updates
    Hear our product release schedule for the year. We will discuss the new capabilities, show a preview of upcoming innovations in search and analytics, and you’ll gain a better understanding of how these will be delivered through our continuous release process.
    Speaker: Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, ETQ 

    Afternoon Sessions

  • Tips and Tricks 
    Learn from the best of ETQ. Get insight that will help you get the maximum value out of ETQ Reliance. Always the highest rated session at the conference.
    Speaker: Bhavin Virani, Senior Principal Consultant, ETQ  
  • Expedited Validation Product and Services
    Learn about ETQ’s new Expedited Validation Product and Services. The set of capabilities allows you to leverage not only the standard validation tools that come with ETQ Reliance, but also take advantage of a new set of configurable scripts and tools.  You’ll learn:

    -Trends and pains impacting validation for Life Sciences firms
    -ETQ Validation Execution Package
    -ETQ Validation Template Toolkit
    -ETQ Validation Services
     Speaker: Michel Moravia, Product Manager, ETQ 
  • Risk Management
    Learn how the introduction of risk management in quality and safety will change your approach to compliance and continuous improvement. Using guidance from the latest standards and examples from various industries, learn how you can leverage ETQ Reliance to identify, assess and mitigate risk. 
    Speaker: Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, ETQ  
  • Solutions for Quality Management in a Remote World (Mobile)
    Learn the most valuable use cases for mobile access and collaboration in quality and safety management. Learn how to take advantage of Reliance industry-leading mobile solution in this hands-on session. You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on your own mobile use cases. 
    Speaker: Sam Maxim, Lead Product Owner, ETQ  
  • Customer Panel: Complaints Management in Life Sciences
    Learn the major new thematic capabilities planned for Life Science – Complaint Management that dovetails with regulator’s harmonization and standardization plans. The session will feature a conversation around ETQ conceptual approach towards:-Customer Complaints
    -Out-of-Box Quality (OBQ) data
    -On-time delivery (OTD)
    -Customer requirements and order information
    -Delivery performance monitoring 
    Speakers: Michel Moravia, Product Manager, ETQ, Joel O’Connor, Product Line Owner – IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,  Penny Sangkhavichith, Sr Director, Quality | Digital Quality, Edwards Lifesciences, Michael Lim, Manager, Quality – Corporate Quality, Strategy and Execution, Edwards Lifesciences 
  • Promotions and Patches Best Practices
    New session! Learn best practices for maintaining your Reliance environments from our Manager of Technology Services. He will also discuss the ETQ patch process, release notes, promotions and clones, Support and Implementation Consultant assistance as it relates to your Tech & Maintenance agreement and provide troubleshooting tips for common inquiries along the way.
    SpeakersRenay Barresi, Customer Success Manager, ETQ, Mahmoud Al-Khayyat, Technology Services Manager, ETQ  
Thursday, April 8, 2021

Morning Sessions

Note: all session times are subject to change

  • Customer Panel: Quality Journey 
    Hear leading organizations share where they are in their quality journey and their lessons learned along the way. You will learn how they measure and evaluate success and how they plan to move forward. Benefit from their best practices, whether you have been using a QMS for years or are just starting on your quality journey.
    Speakers: Danna SchumDirector of Sales – Strategic Enterprise Accounts, ETQ, Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, ETQ, Marlene Wolf, Chief Quality Executive, Educational Testing Service, Phil Clarke, Head of Quality, Almarai, Khaja Lashkari, Group Quality Systems Manager, Almarai.
  • Innovation Awards 
    Each year ETQ recognizes customers who have implemented ETQ Reliance in innovative ways to solve important problems. You will learn from the three finalists as they present their innovative solutions and see if you can implement those solutions at your own organization.
    Speakers: Steen Andersen, Chief Customer Officer, and Innovation Award finalists 
  • Birds of a Feather 
    Your chance to network with your peers and discuss pre-selected industry topics or challenges you face at your company. 

    Afternoon Sessions

  • Migrating to Future Versions of Reliance
    ETQ’s product roadmap is bringing compelling new capabilities to market.  Join this session to learn how ETQ will help you migrate to future releases.
    Speaker: Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer, ETQ
  • Customer Panel: Harmonization
    Hear Quality leaders share how they harmonized their quality management around ETQ Reliance to reduce cost and improve visibility and efficiency. You’ll hear their insights, lessons learned and best practices.
    Speakers: Abhishek Semwal, Implementation Services Manager, ETQ, Jason RicePrinciple Program Leader, Chick-fil-A, Steven Bergeron, Director of Quality | US Mfg and QMS Infrastructure, Cree 
  • Customer Panel: ROI of Shift to SaaS
    The shift from on premise to SaaS continues to accelerate as businesses seek to seize the significant benefits. Many of those benefits impact the bottom line, and it’s not just comparing direct costs, but also driving strategic value. Join quality leaders who have shifted to SaaS and to hear the ROI they expected and have realized.
    Speakers: David Isaacson, Senior Director, Product Marketing, ETQ, Harry Joseph, Application Specialist – EtQ Reliance, Kamstrup 
  • Training Management
    In this session, you will hear about the capabilities and enhancements in the Training Management solution. We will also discuss success Stories and the Best Practices in Implementing Training Management. Finally we will discuss  a Migration Path from Employee Training to Training Management.
    Speaker: Bhavin Virani, Senior Principal Consultant, ETQ 
  • Moving from Cost Center to Profit CenterROI of QMS
    As quality expenses increase,  organizations are under increasing pressure to show a return on their investment.  Hear ETQ customers share how they measure and prove ROI to justify their investments in quality.   Learn how you can you use the data you already have to measure ROI and the real cost of quality.
    Speakers: David Isaacson, Senior Director, Product Marketing, ETQ, Shital Shah, Enterprise Manufacturing Systems Lead, Corning Incorporated, Adam Ryley, Global Quality Management Systems Leader, Trane Technologies.
Friday, April 9, 2021
  • Training Series: Configuration Best Practices
    Difficulty Level: Basic/Intermediate
    This course will review best practices to follow while configuring ETQ Reliance. Avoiding tech debt, making application localization compliant, working with loops to avoid performance impacts etc.
    9:30 – 11:00 AM ET
  • Training Series: Integrating Document Control with SharePoint Online
    Difficulty Level: Intermediate
    This course will show attendees how to integrate Reliance with SharePoint, enabling document synching with Document Control and SharePoint for publishing approved documents and archiving revised documents.
    11:30 – 1:00 AM ET
  • Training Series: Enabling Supplier Access
    Difficulty Level: Expert
    This course will show attendees how to set up Reliance to enable Supplier Access to support various business applications! These business applications will include: Supplier Account Management, SCAR assignments, Submitting Supplier Documentations, and more!

    1:30 – 3:00 PM ET