Supplier Quality Management Software

With the increasing importance on supply chain compliance, EtQ provides a comprehensive Supplier Management solution that fosters the ability to collaborate with the supply chain, improve compliance and keep your data secure in the process.

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Supply Chain Traceability.

EtQ’s platform provides several processes that help to manage and track supplier compliance and foster tighter integration with the supply chain.

Track supplier receiving and inspection for incoming goods

Maintain a comprehensive list of suppliers and materials

Store and maintain any compliance certificates from suppliers and take action on adverse events

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Receive. Inspect. Rate.

Having the ability to ensure suppliers are maintaining a high level of compliance is important, and EtQ has several processes that foster tighter compliance with suppliers

  • Track receipt of materials and set inspection business rules
  • Build measurement activities dependent on past supplier performance
  • All supplier activities feed into a comprehensive Supplier Rating Report
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative supplier rating information

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Reliance Cloud Portal

Reliance Cloud Portal

Extend Your Solution with the Reliance Cloud Portal.

Install and implement EtQ's solution, hosted in your own private cloud infrastructure. We provide you with the infrastructure to support the solution, in a flexible, scalable cloud environment, dedicated to your business.

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Build a Cloud for Suppliers and Customers.

The Reliance Cloud Portal is a cloud-based Reliance installation that is available to all Reliance customers. It provides a safe, secure way for you to extend your processes to external parties. Suppliers, customers, remote workers – anyone you permit. These external entities may be involved in your workflow processes without having any direct access your network or your internal Reliance environment.

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EtQ Reliance Cloud Portal

EtQ Risk Management Software

What’s Your Risk in the Supply Chain?

Ever wonder what the true risks are in your supply chain? EtQ’s dynamic risk-based tools provide a foundation for incorporating risk elements into supplier compliance. Rank your suppliers by their overall risk, build a history of supplier risk, or report on trends with the supply chain.

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Promote Greater Supply Chain Compliance Visibility.

EtQ’s Supplier Management modules provide you with the tools to manage and track suppliers, materials, and how they rate and impact compliance. With EtQ’s comprehensive reporting, you can uncover trends in supplier compliance, set alerts on supplier events as they happen and regularly assess the “compliance health” of your supply chain.

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