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EtQ Reliance® 11.0

EtQ Reliance

We are pleased to announce that version 11 of EtQ Reliance has been released. This new version incorporates a whole host of new features and enhancements for quality, EHS and Compliance initiatives. Some of the highlighted features include:

Updates to the EtQ Exchange

The EtQ Exchange is a feature available from within Reliance that now permits the uploading and downloading of Audit checklists between customers. Capabilities include:

  • The ability for a customer to upload a checklist they wish to share
  • The ability to search checklists shared by others by industry
  • Parameters to help users find what checklists they need
  • PDF rendering for previewing a checklist before downloading
  • Ability to download selected checklists directly into Reliance
  • Controlled access into who can access the Exchange

Increased Mobile Capability

EtQ’s mobile platform increases the capabilities of Reliance 11 by expanding its Enterprise Software applications to the convenience and flexibility of the mobile device, ensuring that compliance data is always close at hand. With EtQ mobility, users can work on forms in different applications while offline, and then synchronize all work done to the Reliance system. Administrators can personalize all forms for offline use, and the system automatically adapts the look and feel to match that of the mobile device used.

The Reliance Chat Feature

One of the newest additions to EtQ, The Reliance Chat feature enhances collaboration between users of the Reliance platform, allowing for instant communication. Each user within the system can initiate a chat with any of the other users who are currently online. An icon next to each person’s name provides visibility into who is logged into the system. Users can communicate as well as exchange document links and external URLs.

Enhancements to its EHS Offering

EtQ has added a Permit Control application that stores an organization’s active construction and operating permits. This application streamlines the review and approval process of the documents that are necessary for obtaining new permits and for renewing expired permits. It enables an organization to identify responsible personnel and relevant dates to ensure that permits are readily available and up to date.

The Sustainability application has also been enhanced to cover two main reporting standards, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Sustainability guides you through each step of the process of preparing sustainability reports—from defining and collecting the appropriate data, to consolidating and summarizing that data to result in a holistic report.

Reliance 11 also includes enhancements to existing applications:

  • Asset, Calibration and Maintenance: EtQ has enhanced this application to track items that an organization has defined as an asset, e.g., a source of pollution.
  • Supplier, Materials and Chemicals: This application has been updated to track unique qualities of chemical substances and to provide level 1 reporting on all findings.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS): This application has been modified to allow customers to create and format their SDS documents in a global standard.

If you are interested in learning more about the new features behind Reliance 11, or want to schedule your upgrade, please contact your sales representative or email us at!

All companies want business software that is easy to use, quick to implement and readily updated to meet changing business requirements. EtQ Reliance® allows business processes and communications to flow more effectively to enable our customers to deliver a higher level of service and performance.

EtQ Reliance provides a Flexible Compliance platform that can be utilized to serve many initiatives related to Quality Management, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Management, Compliance Management, and beyond. Using leading edge technology and innovative industry concepts, EtQ Reliance helps companies achieve compliance, identify and mitigate risks, and manage and measure compliance processes. EtQ's unique integrated modular approach provides unparalleled flexibility and automation. These modules are tightly integrated to deliver a best-in-class total Quality and EHS Management Software solution.
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