Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Automate several key quality processes that allow companies to incorporate risk-based thinking into organizational planning and operational monitoring. Identify and assess risks companywide and leverage risk data to drive long-term mitigation and improvement.

Compliance Obligations

Compliance Obligations that identifies, accesses and evaluates laws, regulations and internal organizational requirements that apply to setting environmental objectives keyed to activities, products and services.

  • Identify, access and evaluate laws and regulations
  • Record the legal aspects that affect your organization and the location of the records and associated paperwork.
  • Maintain copies of laws and regulations on-site
  • Keep records of the inspections and implementations performed by a specialized agency, in addition to recording the information of the agency itself
  • Imports requirement from third party (RegScan)
  • Integrates with Audit Management, Task Management, Document Control and Employee Training

Quality Records Disposition

ETQ Quality Records Disposition collects quality records and creates reports on an organization’s quality campaign. Reporting is delivered via a dashboard that monitors KPIs, live data and other relevant performance metrics. The Quality Records dashboard can be configured to issue real-time alerts for any negative performance events.

  • Captures data that provides management information about how well your system is working and the progress that is being made in achieving company objectives

Meetings Management

Meeting Management allows groups to collaborate, schedule meetings, track corrective actions, distribute resources and assign action items.

  • Provides a centralized resource for collaboration on specific meeting items and automatically tracks action items across the enterprise
  • Create meeting templates for Meeting Management
  • Integrates with Corrective Action (CAPA) to resolve critical and systemic action items

Monitoring and Inspection

Monitoring and Inspection guards against any systemic issues that may affect quality. This provides a centralized dashboard that delivers real-time updates and alerts on monitoring and inspection status, schedule and results.

  • Manage records to record the results of the monitoring process and, to notify users of problems associated with exceeding limits
  • Integrates with Corrective Action (CAPA) for investigation and resolution

Risk Surveys

ETQ’s Risk Survey process provides a systematic and objective means of identifying, assessing and mitigating risk across all business functions. Make better decisions based on real risk data and mitigate and prevent risks before they occur. ETQ’s Risk Survey process allows you to:

  • Create risk survey templates
  • Distribute survey to participants across the organization
  • Collect survey responses that rank known risks, identify new and emerging risks and collect all risks in the risk register
  • Document and assign controls and actions to address risks
  • Implement effectiveness checks

Emergency Preparedness

Organizations must prepare and test response plans for a wide variety of potential emergencies from business interruptions to technology and security threats, to environmental and safety issues. As part of our Enterprise Risk Management Solution, this critical process enables customers to:

  • Record personnel, equipment and external organizations associated with emergency procedures and protocols regardless of location
  • Set reviews and complete drills on their plans to ensure organizational readiness
  • Link associated response plans, policies, procedures and work instructions with the Corrective Action (CAPA/SCAR ) records