Create a Truly Global System.

EtQ’s Administration Center enables you to distribute ownership based on location, allowing for configuration of each location in a centralized application. This means that you can have a single deployment of EtQ, but each site or location can have its own unique processes and workflows associated with them. A common platform, but a “local flavor” for each site.

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Go International on a Single Deployment.

Managing the localization and internationalization of an enterprise system is difficult, and there are specific regional aspects that prevent many systems from achieving harmonization.

Not with EtQ—through the Administration Center and language based tools, you can enable any region to be displayed in a local format, language and define keywords and all elements based on where they are in the world. The system automatically knows your language and location and displays the formatting most comfortable to your users.

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Localization with ECC

Through EtQ's Administration Center, you can:


Location management

Manage users and groups based on location and department

Role Based Dashboards

Have location or role-based Portal Dashboards

Security Access

Set security access levels to restrict administrators to their location and department

Multi Site Reporting

Easily and effectively roll up reports across multiple sites and departments using a single environment

Deploy Globally, Manage Locally.

EtQ's platform technology is designed to allow you to create a global, multi-site solution, while running on one environment. Through the Administration Center, you can set locations and sites that have their own workflows and forms and processes that are unique to each location, while harmonizing on a single, centralized platform.

Create location-specific or user-specific processes and elements, maintain a corporate process and add location-unique elements. Harmonize to a single, holistic solution worldwide. One central location provides a more focused IT footprint and reduces infrastructure overhead.

Local Processes on a global deployment

A Global Landscape with a Local View.

Having a global solution does not mean everyone has a global view into the data. Using EtQ’s robust Administration Center solution, you are able to limit access to the data by role, department, region, site or any other condition. This means that one site may only see what is relevant to them, and not have access to anything else. Essentially, EtQ gives each group a local view of what they need, all on a global, harmonized solution.

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