ETQ Reliance QMS Platform
ETQ Reliance applications are enabled by a powerful & flexible platform

The foundation for essential capabilities in quality & compliance

ETQ Reliance is a quality management (QMS) and compliance platform that provides you with the flexibility, configurability and automation you need to manage and measure your quality processes within the enterprise.

ETQ Reliance is comprised of a core set of business rules and workflows that intelligently route your processes and track your information securely and effectively. The platform enables you to create basic and advanced configurations, design and administer processes, and leverage key utilities to manage and measure compliance.

The Power of ETQ Reliance

  • Configure flexible workflows, rules, forms, fields and keywords to match your business process.
  • Expand existing and create new processes with codeless designer.
  • Connect the enterprise with industry standard integration methods.
  • Make sense of the data with centralized reporting, alerts and dashboards.
  • Leverage field-tested Amazon Web Services (AWS) security best practices.
  • Deploy globally with language support for French, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
  • Go mobile with ETQ Reliance on all mobile devices.

ETQ Reliance applications benefit from our platform “genetics”

  • Integration/APIs
  • Configuration Management
  • Administration and Security
  • Reporting
  • Delegation and Escalation
  • Mobility


Linking & data inheritance ensures common data across all applications



Industry standard & advanced integration options provide bi-directional data exchange

External Collaboration

Internal and external parties seamlessly and securely contribute to common workflows

Contextual Awareness

Location, role, and product-based filtering and security deliver the right information to specific users​


Unlimited flexibility to modify or create new applications with drag-and-drop ease & powerful scripting

  • As I became more familiar with Reliance, I started to realize it’s not just a quality system. It is a platform that we could use to create new applications from scratch or quite easily ‘translate’ a lot of those older applications into the Reliance environment.
    —Sadiq Eshaq, Technical Project Manager, Lumileds
  • Greater customer satisfaction is truly the goal of Herman Miller’s strategic thrust, and ETQ is the backbone of that strategic thrust.
    —Sue Little, Quality Manager, Herman Miller