Today’s quality environment is increasingly complex. Simplify it with Quality Management System ETQ Reliance.

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Quality Solutions

Broad application portfolio across the entire product lifecycle

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Highly flexible platform designed for business users backed by industries most advanced analytics

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Scalable and secure cloud deployment

The flexible and easy-to-use ETQ Reliance QMS adapts to your business needs

A solution for every step of your quality journey. Start with best practices, comply with standards and optimize core quality processes. Enhance practices to create competitive differentiation. Rapidly adapt to quality processes in response to business changes.

ETQ Insights

Visual dashboarding and visual analytics

Quality Essentials
Quality by Design
Supply Chain Quality
Nonconformance Handling
Health & Safety
Environmental Management
Enterprise Risk Management
Complaints Management

ETQ Reliance Platform

Easily adapt, integrate and administer ETQ Reliance applications

To win in this environment, quality professionals need critical capabilities

ETQ Reliance gives businesses the power to keep pace with the proliferation of regulations and increased consumer demands for quality. Companies benefit from improved compliance, enhanced reputation, reduced costs, speed to market and visibility into their supply chain.

Our Customer Stories

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“50% reduction in supplier corrective action processess, flexible so we can scale as our business processes change”

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“Key KPIs are improving — we have seen a 50% reduction in CAPA resolution time and a 40% reduction in document revision time.”

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“Quality is one of our key differentiators and Reliance has played a key role in helping us live up to our quality ideals and commitment.”

  • Greater customer satisfaction is truly the goal of Herman Miller’s strategic thrust, and ETQ is the backbone of that strategic thrust.
    ‐Sue Little, Quality Manager, Herman Miller
  • Quality is one of our key differentiators. The entire backbone of the company is based on quality, and Reliance has played a key role in helping us live up to our quality ideals and commitment.
    Sadiq Eshaq, Technical Project Manager, Lumileds

Powerful, Flexible, Easy-to-Use

ETQ Reliance’s powerful capabilities are perfect for a range of users, from the simple but effective experience of the part-time user to the power user that takes advantage of the advanced features and unparalleled configurability of our Quality Management software.

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