ETQ Announces RegScan/Reliance Integration

October 24, 2017

FARMINGDALE, NY (10-24-17): EtQ today announced the integration of RegScan’s vast regulatory library and expertise with EtQ’s cloud-based Reliance platform.

The scope of content includes a variety of regulatory topics including air, water, safety, process safety, environmental product stewardship, flora and fauna, food safety, marine, occupational health and security.

How does it work?

RegScan monitors changes to regulatory requirements and sends changes or newly introduced requirements directly to Reliance with a brand new applicability review process.

“EtQ is excited about the integration between RegScan and Reliance,” stated Sean Salvas, EtQ’s EHS Product Manager. “Providing a consistent base of information to help build and manage EHS data holistically with centralization, tracking and reporting will further drive process improvement. The launch of this release will enable users to track tasks and other regulatory items in a comprehensive manner.”

About RegScan, Inc.

Founded in 1987, RegScan, Inc. began with a single product and a revolutionary idea for managing regulatory compliance. Today, RegScan has attained prominence as the innovative leader of electronic regulatory publishing and offers a wide variety of services. Our facility is a hub of information experts and state-of-the-art technology.

RegScan has consistently out-paced a growing league of competitors in the industry niche we incepted, by offering unique solutions to our Fortune 1000 customer base. Our business scope continues to expand as we apply the knowledge and skill we’ve developed over the last few decades to our latest innovation – Information Integration.

No one person was responsible for RegScan’s success in the past. It’s taken the teamwork of motivated, creative, and committed personnel to get us where we are today. Suggestions from you will help get RegScan where we’re going in the future.

About EtQ

EtQ is the leading Quality, EHS, Operational Risk and Compliance management software provider for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration. At the core of EtQ’s framework is a compliance management platform that enables organizations to implement best-in-class compliance processes configured to meet their existing processes, create new compliance processes and automate and control their compliance ecosystem. EtQ was founded in 1992 and has main offices located in the U.S. and Europe. To learn more about EtQ and its various product offerings, visit or


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