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EtQ Releases Modules for Incoming Inspection and Supplier Rating

FARMINGDALE, NY (06-13-08): EtQ has released new modules and enhancements for incoming inspection and supplier rating for EtQ's Quality and Compliance Management Solutions.

In today's dynamic business environment, suppliers play an important role in bringing products to market. As businesses continue to evolve and improve efficiencies in the production process, the supply chain plays an ever-increasing role in ensuring business objectives are met. EtQ has introduced modules that will help companies streamline their supplier quality management to increase visibility into the supply-chain, and incorporate their quality standards and practices down the supply chain.

Receiving and Inspection: EtQ's Receiving and Inspection module integrates the process of receiving materials from suppliers, and sets up inspection schedules based on skip lot profiles driven by supplier rating performance. Each Inspection automatically calculates the sample size and criteria using configured Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) tables. This module can be integrated seamlessly into existing business systems such as ERP/MRP and link Quality Management processes to the inspection process. Failed inspections can automatically trigger Nonconforming Material (NCM) workflows. In addition, the module integrates with EtQ's Deviation module, allowing for "Use As Is" dispositions. Once a deviation notice has been created, it will automatically be linked and displayed in future inspection records.

Supplier Rating and Supplier Exchange: The ultimate goal of Supplier Management is two-fold - use the best supplier goods for your product, and enable the supplier to improve their operations. Using EtQ's automated and integrated inspection module, the quality of supplier goods is tracked and evaluated in real-time, reducing defects in finished products related to poor supplier quality. EtQ's Supplier Rating module calculates the overall supplier rating as events happen in the system in real-time, providing objective, unbiased supplier rating. Using the Supplier Exchange portal, EtQ creates visibility into supplier relationships by providing an interface whereby suppliers can see product ratings and even see how their rating compares to competing suppliers. In addition, suppliers will be able to reply to Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs) issued by the brand owner.

"EtQ strives to create a high-degree of visibility within the enterprise and now with the supply chain using the new supplier management modules", says Mohammad Nobani, President of EtQ. "Supplier Management with EtQ allows businesses to tie their quality management system to the supplier relationship - involve them in the process of quality management, increase the effectiveness of supplier rating, provide visibility into supplier management, and increase collaboration with suppliers. EtQ's automated and integrated solution allows the quality process to track supplier performance in real-time, and making the most out of the supplier relationship."

Supplier Management is just one part of the EtQ's Enterprise Quality Management system that allows companies to automate processes, identify and mitigate high-risk events, and foster collaboration across the enterprise. EtQ continues to roll out new and exciting features within its Quality Management system, from integration capabilities to supplier management and more.

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