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EtQ Receives a Stamped Green Approval for their Commitment to Improving the Environment

FARMINGDALE, NY (06-30-08): EtQ has recently been awarded a Stamped Green seal of approval for their efforts in fostering the development of environmentally beneficial software solutions, as well as operating an environmentally friendly corporate office.

EtQ's software solution is designed to take paper-intensive systems such as document control, and automate them using electronic workflow routing. EtQ's software is completely web based and paperless, making businesses more efficient in their processes while reducing the need for manual, paper-based systems. By using EtQ, companies have been able to reduce their reliance on paper by over 70% within their quality system. This is a tremendous benefit to companies looking to reduce bottlenecks and errors due to lost paper documents, but more importantly, it allows companies to reduce their overall footprint on the environment.

EtQ is also an innovator in helping other companies effectively manage and measure Environmental management practices to identify, mitigate and prevent high-risk environmental incidents. EtQ's Environmental, Health & Safety system is designed to help companies automate processes related to Material Safety, Environmental Aspects, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Incidents, Monitoring, and Risk Assessment to identify and correct any incidents, ensuring that the highest risk incidents are immediately corrected and mitigate the risk of reoccurrence.

In addition to the development of environmentally friendly products, EtQ's Green Stamp Seal came as a result of internal practices within the company itself. EtQ uses its own software solution to manage and create processes and documentation and distributes all internal communications, policies, procedures and more in a paperless system. Furthermore, EtQ has implemented recycling programs, encourages the use of mass transit to commute to the company, and conducts most meetings over web based conferencing systems. "EtQ has always been an innovator in leveraging technology to create an efficient work environment", says Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer at EtQ. "As a result of this technology, EtQ has not only been able to streamline operations within the company, but we have also been able to reduce our footprint on the environment. For EtQ, this is something in which we take great pride."

EtQ continues to develop and release technology that helps to integrate, automate and foster collaboration across enterprises, as well as reduce the reliance on paper-based systems.

About Stamped Green is a website designed to recognize those companies who are showing concern for the environment through their commitment to eco-friendly business practices. By receiving the Stamped Green Seal, companies have demonstrated that they employ practices that are environmentally friendly, including recycling, paperless systems, reducing carbon emissions through planting and carpooling, teleconferencing, virtual offices, and more.

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