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EtQ Announces System for Integrated Airline Management

FARMINGDALE, NY (04-18-08): EtQ has released a solution designed to provide Airlines with an integrated system for Safety, Environmental, Quality, and Security Management.

Airlines face numerous compliance challenges, including complying with regulations and initiatives set forth by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and regulatory bodies. In addition to demonstrating safety compliance to IATA and regulatory bodies, airline firms must also demonstrate their achievement in safety standards to other members of IATA - members continuously audit each other's operations.

Recognizing this need, EtQ has developed an integrated solution for Airline Management, which combines multiple operational areas and departments within an airline. The Integrated Airline Management System (IAMS) encompasses more than just safety, it seeks to create an integrated system that encompasses Safety Management Systems, Security Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, Enterprise Risk Management Systems, Supplier Management Systems, and Environmental Management Systems.

EtQ's IAMS solution is focused on taking a holistic approach to airline management and spans not only departments, but also operational areas within the airline - all with the ultimate goal of reducing and mitigating risk and improving safety across the enterprise. Some of the key features included in the EtQ IAMS solution are:

Quantitative Risk in incident Tracking: As incidents are recorded within the system, EtQ's solution is able to determine the severity and frequency of such events, accurately determining the next course of action.

Centralized, Holistic Incident Rollup: EtQ's system utilizes advanced workflow technology to roll-up incident data, and determine the proper workflow routing to handle resolution, covering all areas in which the incident occurred. This centralized view will speed resolution time and provide a holistic view of the overall risk of incidents within the system.

Enterprise Document Control and Employee Training: EtQ recognizes that it is important to ensure that compliance documents are controlled and published, and that employees are knowledgeable and trained. EtQ's Document Control system allows for the creation, review, approval, and release of compliance documents, and is centrally stored, secure and accessible. Furthermore, EtQ's automated Employee Training system links into Document Control, providing automatic notification of newly release procedures, and allow for both automated and classroom testing on the documents.

Auditing and Continuous Improvement: EtQ's integrated Audit Management module schedules regular audits of various departmental and operational areas, and link results to Corrective Action and Change Management, providing provide visibility into continuous improvement initiatives. EtQ's Audit Management module can produce extensive audit reports for uncovering Key Performance Indicators, automating the process of scheduling, conducting and reporting on audits of the IAMS.

Enterprise Collaboration Across the Supply Chain: Much like any enterprise-wide organization, airlines have extensive and sometime complex supplier networks. EtQ's system is able to provide an environment for involving suppliers in the compliance process, fostering regular auditing of suppliers, assigning phases of corrective action to suppliers, and applying quantitative risk to supplier ratings.

Enterprise Reporting: EtQ's reporting utilities unify the process and consolidate incidents into a holistic view, whereby data is easily rolled-up, reported and analyzed efficiently. This visibility gives top level executives the Key Performance Indicators they need to react and implement changes in real-time, with little bottlenecks in gathering and integrating data.

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