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Coty US, LLC. Selects EtQ OnDemand Compliance Management System

FARMINGDALE, NY (07-03-07): EtQ has announced the implementation of EtQ OnDemand Compliance Management System at Coty US LLC, the world's largest manufacturer of fragrances, color cosmetics, and skin care products.

After an extensive review, Coty selected EtQ's software to help them maintain quality and compliance initiatives for their broad range of products, while providing a level of flexibility to configure the software to meet their specific business needs. Coty wanted to implement a solution that would provide enterprise-level functionality with limited IT overhead. Using the EtQ OnDemand compliance management solution, Coty was able to implement the system rapidly and efficiently, without having to rely on an internal IT infrastructure to maintain that system. With OnDemand, EtQ provides the administration and maintenance, so that Coty can focus on their quality and compliance initiatives.

"There are many solutions in the market that offer a hosted environment that is sub-standard for enterprise software," says Glenn McCarty, Chief Executive Officer of EtQ. "Watered-down versions, shared environments, lack of security are all concerns when making the decision to host a solution. What makes EtQ OnDemand so unique is that Coty owns the hardware and software, and EtQ manages the administration and maintenance, all in a dedicated environment. The result is a true enterprise system that offers all the benefits of hosting, without any of the drawbacks. Coty is able to focus on their business initiatives, and not IT hardware/software maintenance."

Furthermore, Coty's decision to select EtQ came as a result of the Food and Drug Association's (FDA) increasing scrutiny on personal care and cosmetic companies. EtQ is able to provide a solution that is flexible enough to match business processes exactly, while maintaining compliance to FDA requirements. Enhanced security features, electronic signatures, audit trail tracking, and more have enabled Coty to use EtQ in maintaining compliance to FDA initiatives.

About Coty US LLC

Coty US LLC is the world's leading maker of mass-market fragrances for men and women. Coty scents have turned heads since François Coty created his first perfume, La Rose Jacqueminot, in 1904. Its boudoir includes moderately priced fragrances and colognes sold by mass retailers and prestige brands found in department stores. Coty's brands include Jennifer Lopez, JOOP!, Jovan, Rimmel, Stetson, and Vivienne Westwood. The company also offers Calgon bath products, as well as aromatherapy, foot care, and suncare items.

About EtQ

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