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EtQ Announces the Ability to Attach Multiple Documents, CAD/CAM Packages to the QMS

FARMINGDALE, NY (10-03-07): EtQ has released enhanced features allowing users to attach multiple documents at once, and include CAD/CAM packaged documents into the EtQ Document Control module.

Within EtQ's Document Control module, users have the ability to upload and download attachment files of most any type. Typical examples of attachments include work instructions, procedures, test scripts, process control plans, FMEA(s), flowcharts and more. EtQ now features the ability to drag and drop multiple files and file types into EtQ's document control forms, making the process of document attaching much easier. Furthermore, EtQ features the ability to select multiple document attachment to download, saving time when reviewing records.

"We have made the document attachment process that much easier with the multiple documents feature," says Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer at EtQ. "Not only have we enabled users to upload and download multiple files at once, but we also have taken it a step further with prompting. If you have been working with attachments, whether downloading or uploading, the system will remember if you have documents that need to be attached, and will remind you before you submit the form." Morgan continues to say that the system will know whether a document has been detached, and will prompt the user, reminding them to upload their document attachments before moving to the next step. This eliminates any user errors caused by forgetting to attach important documents within the system.

The multi-document attachment feature has the most impact for users who include CAD/CAM packages into the Document Control system. Typically, CAD/CAM files are multi-part and have many attachments that relate to one design. Using the multi-document attachment features, CAD/CAM packages can be uploaded/downloaded in a single action, rather than having to do so individually. This both saves time and ensures all files are attached to the form, allowing the documents to be processed efficiently in the system.

EtQ's multiple document attachment feature is just one of the many robust features available in EtQ's Quality Management System, designed to help identify, mitigate and prevent high-risk events through automation, integration and collaboration. EtQ strives to develop technology, and integrated modules designed to foster and maintain compliance, and execute organizational change throughout the enterprise.

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